Ramblings #0930

2.38am – *In the dark, without my spectacles* Where’s my little milkie? Hmm… here’s her butt with her legs towards me, but where’s her head? *Sits up and facepalm*

How can she sleeps lying on her stomach, with her head on the lil’ hub’s mattress, while the body and legs are still on her bed? FYI, the lil’ hub’s mattress is beside mine, but is at least 3″ lower -.-”’

2.43am – Wow. And I thought it’s almost dawn. Hmm… shall go and brush my teeth. Seems like I dozed off just now. Gee… am I so tired?

5.15am – “Where’s mummy?” That startled and woke me up.

5.26am – Sitting on the sofa in the living room, accompanying my baby to shit (she shits, not me) with my eyes still almost close. Urgh. And now I feel like shitting too.

5.49am – Great. Now my mum’s awake and she’s drinking milk while I’m having diarrhoea, like her.

6.24am – Finally, she slept. I hope tomorrow she will be a good girl and go to school. I shall go and grab a cup of milo. My stomach is growling. Why am I so hungry?

6.46am – URGH! I’m having stomach aches again!!!! Crap. Doubt I can sleep already. It’s almost 7am!!!!!

8.15am – Little milkie shits for the second time today! Had initially wanted to let her stay at home today, but she shouted back at the lil’ hub when he told her not to school today. Hmm… seems like she did enjoy her school.

8.37am – … or maybe not. Sigh… She must be having a lot of self-conflicts. To come out happily from home, and now crying like nobody’s business, insisting that she wants to go home. Too bad her favourite teacher ain’t around.

But it’s definitely nice of a mother to make us feel better by telling us that we will never break her son’s record of crying for 7 months. And she even said she cried at that time too, but she don’t really have a choice. Yes, I know how it feels. It’s heartbreaking. If I have a choice to work from home, I would love to. But no, this is by far, the best arrangement yet, which again (reminder to self), I have to endure and “sacrifice” little milkie as well as my money for the benefits of all, especially the old.

12.13pm – Once again, though you kept on denying, you are on the route to self-destruction. Haven’t I told you to rest for a period of time before engaging into another relationship. Just friends? You will be cautious and be in control? Are you sure? I have had enough past experiences to tell you what is going to happen in the near future. You are going to keep on going out with this guy, and as time goes by, somewhere along the line, you will still simply give in. It’s not the status of this relationship that matters because it’s the heart. Once you soften, that’s it, your “natural” self will be out and then suspicions come. Wait a minute, did I just hear you saying you suspected something, already? *facepalm*

12.27pm – I really don’t understand why is there such a long queue. Is it really that nice? I don’t even bother writing a post purely for it. What’s the name of the store again? Fu something… (the one on the left for that 2 fishball stores beside each other) but hey, there’s like a total of 8 balls and the taste is alright. But I supposed the price pays for it. A bowl costs $3.50, which isn’t considered really cheap. Furthermore, it’s at a hawker. Don’t like the thick kway teow too. Worst thing is the long queue. I really can’t take it. If not for my colleague helping me to buy, I doubt I’ll eat this, really.


12.49pm – Sometimes I felt that some aunties are really brainless or seriously not using their brain to think. I’m pretty sure she’s not the only one. Well, minutes ago, I ordered a waffle and was waiting around the counter. There’s another lady A waiting too, and she ordered before I did. So this auntie B came walking over and ordered hers as well while the 2 of us were already there. When the waffles got cooked, the lady cooking it handover it to lady A, and thereafter, prepared mine. It was (from my point of view) very obvious and logically speaking, be mine. But yet when the lady cooking it packed the waffle and was about to pass over, this auntie B reached out her hand and thought it’s hers. Hmm… am I transparent? Or dumb to hang around there?

1.02pm – Maybe I should catch up on my posts later on. After all… I don’t think I’m that busy today, am I?

1.54pm – The admin doing the security quiz now as I can heard her complaints on the length of those videos, as well as the difficulty. Hmm… but I thought those questions seem a bit more of GK (general knowledge)?

1.59pm – I probably am very bad to not help my admin out on the security quiz, and on top of that, still reminded her that she’s got only ONE attempt. But hey, I have to be honest, right? How can I help her answer those questions? That would defeat the whole purpose of the quiz. I am, a relatively, honest person. *LOL*

2.01pm – Now, she’s complaining that 20 questions are a tad too long, and asked if can changed to 15 questions only. Erm… I think she asked the wrong person. I’m not the one coming up with this quiz.

2.31pm – The auntie’s here to wipe the tables and seats. But I fear there’s a smell… smelly smell…

3.01pm – I can’t take this anymore… I feel so high…

3.06pm – My security team mate is really cute. He’s got all these spelling mistakes which I think my boss can’t take it anymore. *LOL*

4.11pm – As promised, the granny brought the little carebear to pick little milkie up. And according to the granny, little milkie was kissing the little carebear like crazy. OMG. Well, at least I sort of kept my promise to bring the little carebear. A promise is a promise.

4.50pm – Did I just see the boss taking her bag and left? Oh! I remembered! Must be collecting her car. Heehee… Boss free… ^^

11.09pm – Is it time for another makeover while waiting for the lil’ hub’s call? *grin*

11.56pm – How’s the new colour? ^^ That’s all for tonight. Will continue another day. It’s going to be a not so long day tomorrow. TGIF! Goodnight!

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Food – Chai Kee Prawn Noodle @ Kovan Hawker

It’s lunch time! And my lunch kakis brought me to eat something that I’d been craving for a while. PRAWN NOODLE!

Honestly, I’m not really a fan of prawns. In fact, I’m somewhat a little allergic to it but for some reasons, I kind of like prawn kway teow, especially if the soup is really nice.

So here I am, in the Kovan hawker centre, with the market beside. If you are talking about ambience or cleanliness, *cough*, I think it’s best that you go somewhere else. *LOL* It’s neither clean nor nice, and you can actually smell the smelly market smell (of blood or whatever) if you sit near the stall, which is located at the last row of stalls.

Anyway, talk about the noodle. The soup’s not too bad, though I wouldn’t say it’s the best. But for a price of $3.50, I think it’s still alright. There’s a short queue though but thankfully the uncle isn’t those snail-like kind where he takes his own sweet time. You can choose to put chilli powder in it too.

Quite alright, can try if you want.


Updated (11 November 2014):

12.24pm – Not sure if it’s the standard that had dropped, or that my standard has increased, or simply that I don’t have that good a mood. Today’s prawn noodle ain’t as nice as I remembered, and my colleague complained about it too. The soup is a little bland. My colleague had to pour a bit of light soya sauce in it (and still complained after that).

The short queue is there though, and the price is still the same but it’s just the taste. Let’s hope it gets better if I do ever go back next time.

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