Food – Mdm Kwan’s @ Vivocity

I’m pretty sure my body must have that it was deprived for 2 weeks for ever since I came back from Japan, I simply wants to eat and eat.

Today, I finally get to try this local food at Mdm Kwan’s, located at level 1 of Vivocity at the back (beside Brotzeit, near the Information counter). We’ve walked pass this restaurant several times but as it sells local food, the lil’ hub wasn’t very agreeable as such food caj be easily found at the hawker centres. I really wondered how did my sister manage to convince him. *feeling weird*

There were quite a lot of varieties from dishes to mains and sides with prices generally on average ranging from $11 to $18. We ordered 6 mains, a vegetable and 3 drinks and the total damage was less than $140 for 5 adults + a kid. Normal restaurant price but nice food!

You will hardly hear any praises from the lil’ hub but he was commenting that the food tasted nice. I didn’t get to take a picture of all the food that we had as I went in a tad late. So here’s 2 of them which I managed to catch, intact, because it happens to be mine and my sister’s (who were out with me to grab something).



Will I go back? You bet!

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Food – Ananas Cafe @ Aljunied MRT

I waited patiently for my turn after finally decided to take the fishball dry kway tiao compared to the nasi lemak that was serving another 3-4 customers before me. There’s only 1 customer in front, ordering 2 plates of chicken rice but the seller simply took his own sweet time… Never mind…

Finally, when it was my turn, I gave him my orders – fishball kway teow, dry, with chilli, no oil. He then repeated my order – fishball kway teow, soup. So I told him, no, and that I wanted dry one. And then what he said next kind of gave me a shock (and then I find him stupid after that).

“Sorry miss, kway teow only soup.”

Huh? What do you mean by kway teow only soup? Just because the picture shows it as mee po and mee kia, I can’t have it as kway teow when you are actually selling kway teow too? O.O

Well, I didn’t want to argue since time is running out, and so I took the mee kia instead. Here’s a picture of it. Again, in a slight shock when I saw it.


First thought – I should have opt for the nasi lemak instead. Second thought – I think I’ll be hungry at 3pm.

To be fair, it doesn’t taste as awful as it looks. But the appearance definitely never make my appetite better. Furthermore, the noodle is a little hard. The chilli tasted okay though. Cost me $2.50 which wasn’t really that expensive but again, definitely not satisfying at all.

And then what’s more. Went to buy a can of chrysanthemum drink and never take a cup of ice. When I went back and requested for a cup of ice from another auntie, she stared at me and asked (in a relatively rude way) what drink I bought. Goodness, it’s JUST a cup of ICE. I’m not extorting you for money! I don’t even really want to mention that the flies were flying around everywhere!

Thumbs down down down down. Won’t go back there anymore. Will rather grab some breads, pancakes or munchies from the shops beside.

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Food – Lexus Fast Food @ Far East Shopping Centre

Been on a hiatus for a tad too long on my reviews. Blame it on the mood swings that doesn’t seem to go away. So, let’s start picking myself up by having some nice food! And it definitely is a good decision to tag along with this colleague of mine, while she selects her future maid, for she always bring me to places which I seldom go.

So here goes, introducing Lexus Fast Food! *LOL* It’s a funny name, I thought, the moment I saw it. And am a little surprise that there’s actually around 4 people queuing to buy the food. It had nothing to do with the fast food that I knew like McDonald’s or KFC. It’s just a small little shop with 4-5 tables, and is a little choky everytime the uncle started to stir fry something. And other than fried rice, bee hoon etc. on their menu (pasted on the window), they have some vegetables rice kind of stall at a corner.

It’s just cheap and simple local food located in the expensive central area – level 5 of Far East Shopping Centre. Good choice if you are working around the area. $3.50 for a relative big plate of fried rice. No presentation or ambience, definitely. BUT again, it’s cheap, and it tasted not too bad. I ordered the salted fish fried rice and there sure are pieces of salted fish around (unlike some where you can hardly find it).


Oh yes, last but not least, the sambal chilli tasted quite alright too.  ^^

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Food – Killiney @ Purvis Street

An old setting, with olden type of tables and chairs to suit the theme. This Killiney branch is located along the middle of Purvis Street. I wouldn’t have known of such places if not for my friend, who brought me here.

There wasn’t a lot of varieties on the menu, and mainy consist of local food, but thats weirdly, run by Chinese. I wonder if the cook is a Chinese too (I’d ever had roti pratas cooked by a Chinese and it definitely doesn’t taste nice). Nonetheless, I went ahead to order the same as what my friend did – Seafood Fried Hor fun, that cost $5, and a drink (homemade barley for me) that cost $1.60.

We didn’t have to wait too long (luckily) for the food to come, and seriously, the fragrance smell of that plate of fried hor fun, is one of the best. I really mean, it smells damn good! And when it comes to the taste, there’s only one word to describe – YUMMY!



While it tastes good, my friend ain’t really that happy for the portion of the food, according to her, isn’t worth $5. It’s too little, the ingredients and amount. *LOL* I wouldn’t disagree with that for it does really seems not a lot. But then again, I did have quite a fulfilling meal at the end of it. Not extremely full, but full enough to last me through the night with it’s lard that my body needs to burn it off. So, it’s a “I’ll come back again” for me.

OH NO! It’s almost 7pm an I’m supposed to be studying for my Korean spelling test! AH!! Let’s hope the teacher will forget about it… *dashes off for lesson*

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Food – Wang Cafe @ myVillage


It’s definitely some local food for me today, as every brain cells in my head told me so. And so here it is, mee siam from the Wang Cafe at the ulu myVillage located in Serangoon Garden.

Seriously, if you ain’t someone who stays near, I doubted you’ll know that such small shopping mall existed. It’s surrounded by landed properties with only a few buses that will come in, and there’s only 4 levels with a handful of shops and not much varieties. 

Well, luckily for me, there’s still this cafe that sells mee siam. But it doesn’t go the same for my admin. According to her, it’s too watery and tasteless. According to me, it’s still edible and cost $4.20 per plate. So who to believe?

Let’s just say if you like those thick sauce, and a little heavy tasting kind, just skip this whole cafe. I doubt it’s about this branch. The sauce is really quite watery where you can literally drink it as if it’s a soup. Otherwise, if you ain’t so picky, like me, there really is no harm satisfying that cravings of yours. Alternative, pick another choice from the menu! The half-boiled egg can’t be way too wrong.

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