Ramblings – Intention of Boss

9.57am – Initially it was just one person who is mad. Now there’s an additional person who is sad. That’s me.

Colleague came in looking rather cross and scary. Concerned me asked if she’s okay. She simply nodded her head. A while later, she pinged me saying that she’s sick and was supposed to be on mc for 2 days. Yet when she told our boss, not only did she not show any concern, she only asked for some information and then if my colleague is coming into the office today. So why am I sad? Well, I think I can give her that piece of information that she requires too, so why… doesn’t the boss ask me? Am I really that incompetent? Because if I really am that, then I will seriously think twice about staying in this department…

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Ramblings #1235

8.12am – It’s another sunny morning and I’m on my way to work. Feels good today with thoughts and ideas flowing smoothly. I wonder if it’s because of the side of the story that I heard from the senior. Indeed, there is always two sides to a story, and one should not deduced anything just by listening to a side. I have made a mistake and I gladly admit it.
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Ramblings #1234

4.03am – It’s amazing how someone, who is not beside you and hadn’t talk to you at all, can somewhat pissed you off right in the middle of the night. Why oh why, of all the different kind of themes, do you have to choose one which I had intended to do? Why do you always have to do the things I like? WHY?!

“Let it go…”

8.22am – It’s Thursday and I refused to lose. You shall wait and see…

12.34pm – I just wasted half of my morning listening to my senior lecturing the temp guy because of his incompetencies. Its partly my fault to, to not manage him tightly, and instead, let him do on his own in his own timings. I should have known, after one experience but yet I made that same mistake again. Sigh… not everyone knows what to do. And I do agree that it should be done fairly quickly though I disagree with the fact that he did nothing for 3 months, for its a decision that we waited. Anyway, its over and I’m trying to cheer up by having some nicer food which exceeded my daily allowance.

Heck! I need some food to compensate for my lost time and mood. I cannot let someone else affect my future… will have to be stricter from now on. I’ve got 3 days. And I’m keeping track tightly from now on, to save all of us.

It’s time for scrum!

13.20pm – Such a coincidence! To meet my traffic buddy, who is working around the area, while I’m on my way to take the shuttle bus back to office. He was walking in front of me ans I thought from behind, he looks really familiar, including the way he walks. Indeed it was him after he stopped in the crowded area. Of course, he was surprise to see me. Well well, will see him again tomorrow, my traffic buddy.

6.43pm – Keeping on track for today despite the sudden lecturing. All is fine. I know ways to salvage and also, after all, its just a job. I don’t want to make myself lose sleep over it. I do, after sitting down and pondered for a while, think that the senior is a little hush in scolding the boy.

Well, it’s not really my problem so I’m not going to dwell into it. Am going to have dinner with the lil’ hub later on and going to watch my Descendants of the Sun! Ah… I am sooooooo in love… ^^

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Ramblings #1205

8.05am – I woke up today, feeling fat. I ran through my rows of clothes but only 20% of them can be worn right now. How sad can that be… I need a log.

9.20am – The moment you decide to be out, you are out! That’s how I feel like, right now, at times. An outcast. It’s true that I’d decided and made my choice without giving them any options or leeway to persuade me, but if the response that I get right now is such as that, then I doubt I will have much regrets.

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Thoughts – Why Did You Abandon Us?

That was the question, or should it be more of a statement, that was shot at me early this morning…

“Why did you abandon us?”

Two days had passed since I last told my boss that I am tendering. I would say, the atmosphere since then, seems… different. I’m not sure if I’m too sensitive but it does feels that to me. Or maybe it’s just myself, that I’m a little guilty to leave them.

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Thoughts – Boss, Are You THERE Yet?

I just had a chat with this colleague just now. Wrong, more of letting her vent out her frustrations, for I can see the level going up to her neck soon, that left her tired and sick. And so, I discovered more information about her relatively new project manager, and of which, I suspected that’s the case when I saw her doing HIS work.

Yes, I never said it wrongly. He’s the project manager, and yet she’s the one looking through the proposals and writing the project plan. It’s weird, definitely. I mean, though I didn’t have a long history of being a project manager, I did go through quite a bit of pain for that year or so in and liaising with the government sector (which is definitely a good training ground for writing lots and LOTS of documents).

Worse still, that team has got a team member who used to be of higher ranking than this new project manager. And so, he wasn’t convinced that this new boss is capable enough. Especially when the new boss never demonstrate that indeed, he is better!

How to work in a team such as that?

I have no idea. Personally, I ended a job of 6 months because I needed someone who can guide me and bring me to a higher level, instead of sweeping everything under the floor. That’s one of the reasons why I left.

What would you do? If you don’t find your boss competent enough. In fact, you probably can do better.

Sigh, anyway, let me help her a little by reviewing that SOW from that xxx company.

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Ramblings #1072

9.43am – I’m not in my best of mood despite getting to rest and rot for half a day yesterday (which somewhat felt more of like wasting time away). And the emails that I read early in the morning simply makes it worse. Why, oh why? Why does such people exist? Why can’t I have some peace and quiet?

IT definitely isn’t nice to be repeating and teaching the same old thing for 10 times to a bunch of people. And for this last group, I’m not supposed to do it because the managers are supposed to convey the information to them! It’s such a waste of my time if you were to ask me. Sucks.

But then what? Life still goes on and I have to endure all these. Till when? I’m not too sure. Everywhere is the same, that’s all I can say.

1.45pm – The cuz just offered to treat me to a nice dinner at a nice place. Why do I feel so deprived, suddenly? Is it because I don’t have a hub that would bring me to explore on difference places to eat? Or that I’m so tied up with “moulding the future of our nation” that my life appears so totally out of balance? Or that I have a mum that nags a lot? *LOL* Whatever the case, I do appreciate that offer and will take it. I think I really needed such breaks every now and then. It’s not that the brain is too cluttered. It’s just that the clutter can’t get out of that constrained neatness, and that left me, stranded, stagnant.

No idea what I’m writing? It’s alright. Neither do I.

1.56pm – Lunch’s over and I’m back in my seat feeling extremely bloated, thanks to the additional dumplings that my colleague ordered. Shouldn’t have agreed to eat one more. But now that it’s already done and over, I can only suffer the bloated-ness in silence and hopefully that the food will digest soon without leaving too much fats on me.

The discussion before lunch was quite good although all of us agreed on the stupidity of that group of people, who never fails to spoil our days with their incredible intelligence and attitude.


Basically, I’m really sick of my job today and nothing seems to cheer me up. Nothing. Not the relatively nice chicken cutlet that I ate just now. Not my dad whom I saw during lunch time. Not the treat that my cousin mentioned a while ago. Nothing.

It’s probably the dealings with too many idiocy that caused me to go into such mood again, or else it’s because my creative juice had been neglected once more. Sad. Nothing seems to go my way and I’m running out of patience, out of balance. And the constraining on my usage of money probably made it worse. I NEED TO SPEND BUT I CAN’T! Cool down. Cool down. Balance it. Balance it…

2.11pm – Stupidity is probably something that one can’t control nor change, that easily. When the process had been there all along, don’t give excuses for being lazy or ignorant. If you don’t know, just admit it and take the responsibility this time round, and stop blaming on system limitation, for it sounds more like brain limitation.

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” ~ Albert Einstein

So you mean its not going to end??!!! O.O”’

2.54pm – Half an hour more to a session which I don’t feel like going. Felt like bringing this lappie down and type away… but that would be too obvious. Gosh… why do I feel so restrained?

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