Ramblings #1245

5.38am – Little milo is making noise again. He’s awake.

5.40am – No more sound. Has he gone back to sleep? I don’t think my parents woke up…

5.44am – What is that “tap, tap, tap” sound? Don’t tell me he escaped again and that’s why he so quiet! *Sit up on bed and TADA!*

There he was, on the floor at my bedroom door, pulling on the corded phone wire…

8.04am – Good morning to a brand new day! It’s time for some re-arranging of the website! (Something that I like to do every now and then)

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Breastfeeding – 6 Months Milestone HIT!

I admit, I did have second thoughts of continuing to breastfeed little milo but I’m glad that I did not and persevere on! And now that I’d pumped for the past 6 months, I FEEL SO SATISFIED!! Especially when my little milo is such a chubby little cutie!

Indeed, it had been a long and arduous journey, with me waking up at the wee hours during the earlier months, and pumping every 3 hours. Now that I’m mostly pumping 4 times a day, it definitely gave me more rest time. But that doesn’t make it much easier for I usually only get to sleep around midnight, and then subsequently waking up at 6am to ensure that I’m not too late for work.

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Ramblings #1184

7.05am – Was it a coincidence? Or was it some kind of telepathy? That little milo knows that I’m about to take a short nap and thus woke up so that he can has his milk fast? *sulk* There goes my 26 minutes of short nap before heading up to prepare for the day…

I’m still freaking tired, if that’s what you are wondering. My cough’s not getting any better but probably that’s because I never really control what I’m eating. The weekend’s not too bad though we never really went out. There’s still tons of things which I haven’t started. Will try and plan (again) later if I’ve got the time and mood.

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Ramblings #1181

7.47am – It’s Monday again. Little Milkie won’t be going to school until her cough recovered. She will be visiting the doctor again. I should have went with her last week. Gosh… It’s another 40 bucks on consultation. Milo’s vaccination cost 400 bucks. Tell me… Where do I get those spare money even if I don’t spend? Although it’s been months, I still feel like strangling him whenever I thought of it. But seriously, I think I need to put in more effort on it. I’m lagging way behind…

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Ramblings #1131

12.46am – Last mission for today. No, I mean the previous day, and I’m off for some good rest. Am waiting for the breastmilk to get heat up for little milo. Gosh, you have no idea how exhausted I am. Am aching all over the place and massage alone won’t help for long.

Little milo is doing his usual eh-eh and orh-orh. But whatever he does, he still has to wait.

Not too bad for today. At least I manage to make an appointment and transfer my Pans & Play website to another server. That will give me a real good reason to revamp the site which I’ve been trying to do. And…

…okay, back from making the milk, burping little milo and brushing my teeth. I can finally go and sleep now! Gee… Left 1 hour and 15 minutes to sleep. Better do so quickly or else I think I will oversleep and miss my MOTN (middle of the night) pump again. Bon nuit!

5.42am – AH!!!!!! I overslept and missed my pump again! Urgh. the time will sure get mixed up today. Damn. Damn. Damn.

7.01am – Shall catch a 30 minutes nap before I get up and start preparing my day…

7.56am – Goodness. Did I oversleep AGAIN?!!!!!! Milkie’s late. Milkie’s late. Better quickly get up.

8.15am – Sigh… See. At night don’t want to sleep. Morning don’t want to wake up. And now she’s had her milk bottle in her mouth, but not sucking as she’s sleeping… -.-”’

8.47am – Hi! Good morning! We are both so sleepy! Isn’t that wonderful??


10.04am – Oh great! The battery for the pump is flat! Sigh… *tap* *tap* *tap*

11.11am – Rise and shine. Yes, I shone earlier on. Anyhow, would like to be a little more awake and TRY to pack my things a little. But first of all, let me have my daily happy dose of the Ellen show! ^^

11.21am – I love Anna Kendrick!! And I want to watch Pitch Perfect 2!! But… hmm… that will need some planning…

12.45pm – The head is starting to ache…

1.25pm – I’m going to switch on the air-con for a few hours and start packing my room. 2.15pm – 2.30pm for my next pump. Let’s hope I’m a quarter done by then. Better get his milk out first. Or… should it be fm for this session?

1.59pm – Lunch is… half done. Wasn’t really nice today. Dad cooked bee hoon and noodle which somewhat tasted a little hard. Thus I only ate till half full, so that I can pick up some milo and biscuits later on. And I haven’t taken my brewer’s yeast and milk maid’s tea for today! There’s so many things that I’m supposed to eat. Honestly, I’m not sure if it even works. Probably not, since I don’t see any drastic increase till now. But anyhow, since I already bought it, so might as well… I’m on LIVE (almost) updates today!

Gee… I only managed to tidy my bed and it’s time to prepare to pump… time flies…

3.40pm – Power pump done. Headache still there. Time to continue packing. Where do I start…?

3.47pm – Got kidnapped to feed little milo. Urgh…

6.45pm – Wow… time really passes so fast and my room is in a mess!! Worse than before *face palm*

11.25pm – Finally…

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Thoughts – 24 Hours before THE Day

So is that it? Little milo’s going to be “chased” out of his house tomorrow, just like his sister, almost 3 years ago? And the birth date and time of both my children will be somewhat determined by my gynae, Dr Ching? O.O”’

By this time tomorrow, by right, if there’s no hiccups, and that the lil’ hub is on time, we SHOULD be on our way to the hospital. The same hospital where I delivered my first adorable little baby, my little milkie. Jitters? Yes, I guess I’m having it right now, and only now.

Little milkie woke me up about 1.5 hours ago, asking for milk (not sure where that come from again), and then thoughts after thoughts kept me awake until now, which of course, after quite a while, I realised that there’s no way I can get back my sleep anymore. Not to mention that I actually forgot to let her wear diaper to sleep last night but right now, she had refused to wear it (thank God she didn’t pee in her sleep). In just another 18 minutes, my alarm clock will start ringing, and that will signify the start of a normal day. Normal day for everyone else but definitely not for me. Am I ready to become a mother again??

The exploding boobs (which I don’t feel it yet, thankfully). The sleepless nights. The cries, poop and puke. The do’s and the don’ts. The re-adjusting of my life with a new life. *Gulp* I guess I’m not. And what’s worse… I haven’t finish a lot of things yet!!! My audit, and anything that I could have left or missed out at my work. My income tax which I haven’t filed because of the business. The plans that I had planned and going to plan, and never carried out for I’m simply too tired despite working from home and having the chance to do a little bit more. What’s going to happen after my maternity leave? To stay or not to stay? For how long? The items that I need to pack in the bag when I go for my delivery. The present for little milkie, that’s supposed to be from little milo. The messy room which I hadn’t finished packing. The room supposed to be set up for the confinement lady – mattresses weren’t moved yet! And yes, confinement lady, did the lil’ hub arrange that properly? Food. There’s still so many food that I want to eat before that one month in “prison”! What should I eat for lunch and dinner today? And my finger nails are still freaking long!! Name… gosh… what will little milo’s name be? And the lil’ hub suddenly pulled a stunt late last night and said that we shall not check with Auntie Yang, in order to be fair to little milkie. *GASP, PULLS HAIR*

8 of April. A Goat. A Yang Wood. An Aries. How will little milo look like?

Honestly, I haven’t been talking to little milo as much as I’d talked to little milkie previously. Yes, I know… it shouldn’t be the case but it did. And all I can say is, when he’s out, let’s hope the situation will change a little and I can balance my time between my job, hobbies and family. But even now, I can feel that it might be a little overwhelming. I need to learn how to cope with that. And the thought of that gets me so restless and excited.

It’s 7.39am now, and I guess it’s time to start the day. Don’t freak out. Just breathe…

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Ramblings #

11.12am – It feels like a new start, especially for a Monday. Life seems to have gone back to normal, with a lot of people changing back to their own profile picture and cover photo today. Me too. But yet the news kept on flowing, both negative and positive.

I’m currently sitting in the kitchen of my parents’ house, with the China auntie gossiping about her recently divorced tenant. It’s the 4th couple already, to have rented and lived in that room, and split after that. Could be some bad fengshui with that particular room? Another auntie of mine had amusingly commented to my Uncle, to tell him to sleep in that room with his China wife shall he wants to divorce (since they are always arguing). Alas… I wonder, is she going to stay here for long, since her toilet is under renovation now? Hmm… I can’t really stand her voice, to be honest, after hearing her complaining for more than 10 years, about anything and everything.

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Ramblings #1085

12.14am – There he goes… leaving me awake. And he can really sleep fast, snoring almost immediately…

12.54am – Huh? Added payee? I didn’t even login at this time!

1.03am – Luckily I managed to recall that I DID have another account with this bank. Otherwise, it might probably cause some issues. And I’m glad my partner replied. *LOL*

1.53am – Just when I could finally sleep, a stench of urine smell hit my nose and I’m like O.O”’ The diaper had overflowed.

8.42am – Poor little milkie. Due to the poor quality of her sleep last night (which got disrupted by the puke and changing of diaper & clothes), and thus the auto-waking up half an hour earlier, she tried to run back to the car again. But sigh… can’t let her get used to crying and bringing her home. That will make her do it again. Let’s hope the teachers treat her well… I’m so glad it’s Friday already.

11.13am – Hmm… looks like I can’t get my things from Uniqlo today. Need to change plan. Need to change plan.

11.36am – Do you know the purpose of a template? It basically is to standardise all the contents and format inside that document. What is the point, then, of a template, IF you happily go and change the colours, fonts, format and all inside the template? Then I might as well do without it.

I don’t understand. Is this such a difficult “rule” to follow? Why do I have to constantly battle with people of such minds?

I don’t like my job. It doesn’t have much meaning. Really. But it’s so near to where I stay, so much so that I try to ignore the monetary portion. Sigh… endure… endure… endure…


1.52pm – Feeling sleepy again after a heavy lunch. Took a fat and ugly passport photo of myself. Bought the envelopes. And on top of that, I got some heart shaped glitters (got attracted by that 30% discount) and the background cards for my flash cards! Well, well, well, the busy mum is again full of ideas but lack of energy to execute everything. And the blogs are all suffering because of that! I can’t let that happen!

Little milo, little milo, would you come out earlier, like in March? Please give me some signs if you really do for I need to handover quite a bit of things, especially at work.

2.49pm – Wow… little milo… do you have to kick me until so hard?

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