Thoughts – From 1 to 4 Alarms

I HAVE POWER-UP!! That’s the first thing that crossed my mind as I cleared my notifications in the morning. Wrong. I’m joking. It’s not. My first reaction when I saw <Missed alarm 6.00am>, <Missed alarm 6.15am> and <Missed alarm 6.30am>, at around 9.30am after I reached office, was “HOLY SHIT!!! Did I NOT hear ALL THOSE ALARMS RINGING?!!!!!!! O.O!!!!!!… !!!!

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Breastfeeding – All the Abbreviation

Alright. I’m on it. I’m on it. Can’t you see I’m trying to catch up with my blog (lots of drafts – half written – in the list) as well as catching with my sleep!

It’s been 6 weeks pp since I gave birth to my LO and my world is still spinning and moving in random mode. But thankfully and hopefully it will stabilize soon so that I can start to do what I planned previously. I’ve been saying that very frequently and like what Ellen mentioned, let’s discuss about ‘procrastination’ and then the next she said, ‘maybe we will wait for another day’.

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