Food – Cafe & Meal MUJI @ Paragon

Recommended by my cousin – Cafe & Meal @ Muji. We were collecting the halloween donuts and thus happened to be around.

Located in Orchard Paragon, level 4, at a corner of MUJI, is where the small cafe is. It is a self-ordered cafe which reminded me of IKEA. There isn’t a wide range of food. Basically it seems like the chinese vegetable rice where you can choose between the dishes except that over here, it has been categorized into hot and cold.


I chose the deli 4, which cost around $17 and consist of 2 hot items, 2 cold items and a dessert. On top of that I added a drink, a plate of fries and miso soup to share with little milkie.



The quantity was alright. Price is a little high for me as it seems to be just normal meat, vegetables and rice. But the ambience was good, at least I like it. And the food tasted nice too so because of that, I don’t mind going back there for some food and drinks.

So far there’s only 2 branches around. One in Paragon and the other in Raffles City. Can hop by if you want to try some Japanese food.

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Shopping – Shine Korea Supermarket @ Far East Plaza

You mean it’s still not enough to go crazy over the Korean dramas, and hairstyles of those Korean stars, and now you still have to eat Korean food?!!

Yes, it seems like the craze over Korean pops or whatever pops ain’t going to be over anytime soon, though it already lasted for quite some time. And now, though I’m a little hype over some of the dramas, unlike the lil’ hub, he’s into the food, especially KIMCHI. I like it, but not to the extend to need to buy and eat it.


Anyhow, I’m here at this Shine Korea Supermarket located at B1 of Far East Plaza. Am a little surprise to see it here though. I happened to pass by and saw it, which was good for the lil’ hub had been trying to get his hands on the MORE kimchi.

There’s a wide variety of Korean food in this supermarket too, which I thought was rather good. Maybe some day, if my taste bud changes, I’ll keep on heading for this small little supermarket that’s located around this island.

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Food – Lexus Fast Food @ Far East Shopping Centre

Been on a hiatus for a tad too long on my reviews. Blame it on the mood swings that doesn’t seem to go away. So, let’s start picking myself up by having some nice food! And it definitely is a good decision to tag along with this colleague of mine, while she selects her future maid, for she always bring me to places which I seldom go.

So here goes, introducing Lexus Fast Food! *LOL* It’s a funny name, I thought, the moment I saw it. And am a little surprise that there’s actually around 4 people queuing to buy the food. It had nothing to do with the fast food that I knew like McDonald’s or KFC. It’s just a small little shop with 4-5 tables, and is a little choky everytime the uncle started to stir fry something. And other than fried rice, bee hoon etc. on their menu (pasted on the window), they have some vegetables rice kind of stall at a corner.

It’s just cheap and simple local food located in the expensive central area – level 5 of Far East Shopping Centre. Good choice if you are working around the area. $3.50 for a relative big plate of fried rice. No presentation or ambience, definitely. BUT again, it’s cheap, and it tasted not too bad. I ordered the salted fish fried rice and there sure are pieces of salted fish around (unlike some where you can hardly find it).


Oh yes, last but not least, the sambal chilli tasted quite alright too.  ^^

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Shopping – H&M @ Orchard Road

JESUS CHRIST! What have I missed all these while?!! – Still recalling on my reaction when I first stepped into H&M just now, and seeing the price tags on those beautiful clothings. Geez… I didn’t know it’s NOT too expensive. *LOL*

It’s been a really long time that I go into town and shop since little milkie was born, 13 months ago. And though I’ve heard of H&M opening in Orchard quite a while ago, and had drove passed it several occasions, it never occurred to me that the price ain’t that steep.

H&M? A nice shop with 3 levels, and generally selling female’s clothings. But there’s a level for the men’s and children’s too. And as said, since the price wasn’t that steep, it didn’t take me long to pick out one simple top for myself, and then a few for little milkie (it’s mostly about her nowadays).


I’m definitely not the only one that’s enjoying this trip as little milkie tries on different hats and grinning happily into the mirror (she’s so bloody vain!). As her mum, I simply just couldn’t resist buying those pretty clothes and hat for her. And so I did, after some controls, gotten a hat and 4 tops for her! And all these cost less than a hundred bucks! Will I go again? YES!! And maybe the next time round, I’ll get more of mine. *LOL* I SIMPLY LOVE SHOPPING!!


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