Something, in Common

We walked around, indulging in those amazing creations. Talking so excitedly like two young children. There was a lot of joy poking fun at each other. Though simple but we were very happy.


Back to Reality:

Me: I tell you which one I like.

Before I pointed out which one…

Him: Where are you going to put?? You still got space to put meh? Buy so many Lego for what?

Me: *totally turned off*


I guess that’s life. As much as I would love to have those “happily ever after”, it seems like only a very small percentage of people will get to enjoy that. And that’s why you (or at least, I) got addicted to watch it in dramas, movies and read in books, where it’s FICTION.

I probably would have written it somewhere in my blog before, that I always seem to be the one trying to like his interests, so that we have something in common. Seems like it had been put in some corner of my head till yesterday. Lego. It’s not that feminine but yet that idea was almost trashed out immediately after I brought up the fact that I like one of the sets. Even back at home, while the 3 of us are playing role-playing using Lego, he will simply sit there with his phone.


Here’s what we had for V-day. Nothing special but at least not the usual. He’s exceptionally nice for the past few days, at least he tried, for he knew he pissed me off really big time this time.

Put it this way. It’s the day before reunion dinner. Why do you have to kick up a big fuss just because no one is looking after a 4 years old toddler early in the morning, and ended up him drinking the evaporated milk from the fridge? Do you have to say that I am an irresponsible mother? Have you forgotten the fact that I am sick, too, and having insomnia? My parents are busy with the CNY preparations too!

I went to stay at my parents house with the children because we had HFMD, and so that you can get to rest more. Yet the kind of feedback that I get is as such.

What’s worse? During my aunt’s wake, you actually argued with me not once, but TWICE, when I even asked you to stop! I am deeply sorry though 3 days had passed, I haven’t fully recovered from the damages you’d caused. I salute you for understanding that you are probably in the wrong, so please continue to do what you should be doing. For at this point, the sight of you and your mom still irks me. It is that bad, if you thought it’s not. One who verbally abuses me, and the other always try to act smart.

Without respect, love is lost. I hope you will keep that coaster that I passed to you. Remember it, please. We already don’t have much in common. I am already very lack of love from you. To hurt me like that, you are only digging your own grave.

I will go and print out your motto for this year.

Be Forgiving and Kind.

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Emo Week

How time flies. A week has already passed and now I’m making myself blog again. So how does my week looked like? Emo. On top of the hectic schedule.

Passing Away

A close friend’s grandmother had just passed away a few days ago. Though it was somewhat expected after she had a fall and went into a coma, one can’t help but feel sad.

It reminded me of the time, 12 years ago, where my goddad was found dead, early in the morning. That, was really sudden. Nonetheless, it’s still one more person leaving this world.

And there will be more, as another friend’s dad’s conditions doesn’t seem good. So is a colleague’s aunt.

I remembered a friend’s mom once said to me, “Someday, you simply get used to it.”

The cycle of life. Where does one go after that? Are there any afterlife?

Making the Will

It never really dawn on me much to make a will. After all, I am not one with tons of money. Neither are my family members. But after hearing the explanations from my friend, one does really need to consider it.

For me, there is one that caught my attention. Do you know that if you and your spouse were to die together and the time of death is unknown for both, the court will assume that the older one, based on date of birth, died first.

So take for example. Considering me and the lil’ hub, since I am older, I will be the one to die first and thus 50% of my money will go to my spouse and another 50% to my children. Which means nothing goes to my parent. And then when it comes to the lil’ hub, since the spouse (which is me) is already considered dead, part of his money will go to his parent and the other to our kids!

Well, I need to be fair. So, yes, I need to do something.

Separation Anxiety

Little milo finally went back to childcare after getting sick on his 3rd day of school and thus staying at home for a week due to fake measles.

And after each day, you can see the reluctance getting clearer as he delayed his reply to my question on whether he likes the school or not.

Of course, he cried. For the past 3 days, he cried. It’s getting lesser, thankfully. And I sure hope he will get used to going to his childcare soon.

Old Love

So after all these emo-ing. The Korean drama stuck me, continues to watch those Korean dramas. And then continues to day dream on all those cute handsome oppas.

But alas, somehow a night of insomnia caused me to think back to the past. To how I met each of them. Bittersweet but its all nice memories. Yet there is one which I simply couldn’t recall at all, no matter how hard I tried, on how we started, except for how we ended.

He wasn’t the first but he was the one who caused me to change almost thoroughly. And then it suddenly dawned on me that – is it true that if something drastic really happens, that the memory could be blocked or lost? Did I really throw it all away that night? The night where I slept and woke up feeling so refreshed and reborned. Was it because all these memories disappeared and thus I felt so light?

And of course there’s always that one. My regret. *LOL*

Whatever it is, I guessed its all in the past. I just wished, now, that it would be more smooth sailing for my children in the future.

It’s Every Morning

The same old story… Waking up the sheep. After a while, it really tires me out. Worst still if little milkie throws some tantrums like today. Asked her what she wants to wear for racial harmony the night before since she didn’t want to wear those that I borrowed from her friend. So she decided to choose a dress but when the morning comes, suddenly, she didn’t want to wear that.


My temper is getting shorter.

Not Being There

And then for some reasons, more than half of her classmates’ mummies are not working! What does that means for me? All of them get to join in their activities while I can’t. They get to pick their kids up while I can’t. They get to teach them and spend more time with them while I can’t.

Then I started wondering if I should just quit my job and be a stay-at-home-mom. Of course, that, can never ever be possible…

13 Years of Working

You felt tired. And before you you knew it, you realized that you’ve been working for 13 years already!


From being a test engineer, to a software engineer, then a project manager, and then into governance and system administrator, and now, in HR. How I have changed.

In Childcare

It’s the third day of start of new week and the teacher called to tell me that little milo had fell down and cut his lips.

Another sigh.

Sometimes, when one don’t have a choice, but to have to simply send their kid to a childcare, and pray hard that the kid will be well taken care of. My heart goes out to those whose kid got abused during the care. I do hope nothing of sort will ever happen, not just to my child, but to every kid.

Keeping Everyone Busy

And then you stop and wonder… why is everyone kept so busy?

Last week, today, I was out with 2 great friends, drinking and catching up. Today, the lil’ hub is out. It’s a Friday. And I spent the last 2 days on course, filling up my head with information. It seems a little overload, especially after today’s test. I am glad it’s over and I’m back home.



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Getting Old…

It’s been a while, that I have the time to sit down, alone, with such overwhelmed thoughts.

I just had my eyes checked, to make a new pair of spectacles since my old one was still stuck behind the stacks of boxes and the other pair’s nose supports had both dropped. Brought my frame to the spectacle shop and they checked the degree of my eyes. 150 for both. Did I hear it wrongly? The last time that I checked two years back was probably still at 200!

Continue reading “Getting Old…”

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I Am NOT Your Mum

First and foremost, let’s be upfront, and I think I have already done that since n years ago. I AM NOT YOUR MUM, and I will never be one, the one who allows you to step all over her while she stands there, keeping quiet, and following your ‘orders’, cleaning up your shit and mess. She pampers you, I, at the most, dote on you, that is, if you STILL deserve it.

It’s a very simple thing. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Didn’t you learn that as you grow up after 35 years of your life? Even if your parents hadn’t taught you?!!

I seriously, and honestly, from deep down in my heart, pity your mum, who manages to tolerate those short outburst of yours. But at the same time, I do, seriously and honestly too, detest her because she caused you to be like that, and sadly, STILL IS.

It’s like WTF, yes, I may not be the most polite and best temper people of all, but at least I do know how to treat people, especially elderly, with respect. And that applies to friends and families too. But what are you doing with your behaviour this morning?

Just because you couldn’t find a piece of sock in that mess (and it is not really that messy to begin with), you simply push out that stack of clothes onto the floor.

I am angry.

Angry with you for messing up the place and I had to pick up the pieces early in the morning when your kid is late for school. It’s a common sense thing. Is it easier to pick up and find something from a puddle of mess or stacks of mess? Is it more time saving to re-pack and re-fold the clothes then to take out in stacks and search. Brainless.

I am angry.

Angry with you for simply just throwing out like that without thinking who is the one that had been trying to keep it neat. It’s not me, it’s my mum. Of course, what can I even say here. You don’t even bother about your mum, why would you think for MY mum?!!

I am angry.

Angry with you for doing such actions and making me angry and shout at you in front of the kids. And yes, I will shout because I don’t want my kids to be a step-over but neither do I want them to pick up that stupid bloody bad habit of yours. C’mon, can you get a grip?!!!!

Do you really need me to send you to an anger management course?!!

Emptying love, from an angered wife

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Ramblings – Intention of Boss

9.57am – Initially it was just one person who is mad. Now there’s an additional person who is sad. That’s me.

Colleague came in looking rather cross and scary. Concerned me asked if she’s okay. She simply nodded her head. A while later, she pinged me saying that she’s sick and was supposed to be on mc for 2 days. Yet when she told our boss, not only did she not show any concern, she only asked for some information and then if my colleague is coming into the office today. So why am I sad? Well, I think I can give her that piece of information that she requires too, so why… doesn’t the boss ask me? Am I really that incompetent? Because if I really am that, then I will seriously think twice about staying in this department…

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Thoughts – Registration for NAFA Kinder Arts Class

Wow. My goodness. I can’t believe this.

That was my reactions when I first went up to the level 2, Wing B of NAFA campus 1 at Bencoolen St, trying to register for little milkie for next year.

I was just being “safe”, after reading at forums dated 5 years ago that there were at least 45 people ahead when the lady reached at 8am at that time. After calculating the “inflation rate” for kiasu-ness, I decided to reach at 8am but expecting a little longer queue. But this… there’s at least 150 people in front of me!!!!


Here is just a snapshot of the front. Imagine the queue line was pass the staircase and all the way to the back, making a U-turn.

Now I am beginning to wonder if I need to do this every year. If it is so… O.O”’

Wow. And there are a lot of Chinese! Okay. Never mind. I’ve got 44% battery left. Hope it can last me till… I don’t know when.


It took me about 3 hours in total, to start queuing and finish registering. I reached at 8am and there’s already 208 people in front of me. Apparently, there are more vacancies for the younger ones at 5yo than at 6 or 7. Of course, children are being auto-promoted to the next level shall they continue to proceed. Siblings have priority too.

In short, if your child is 5 years old, the situation is not as bad as for those who are 6 or 7. Morning slots are snatched up faster than afternoon ones. The main campus are also more popular than the East Coast branch.

For myself, the slot that I chose was the least popular. So in fact, I don’t really have to worry so much. But I am telling you, there are parents out there who queued since 7am, and the queue number was already at around 80. So… Think about it yourself.

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Ramblings – U.S. 11/9

I’m still in shock. I believe most of the world are in shock too, especially when you see that sea of RED.


It’s been hours and I still cannot believe what happened earlier on, the voting of the Americans. Donald Trump actually won and became the next America President.

Was it really the choice of the majority of the people there? Or are they only voting against Hillary? Or maybe, most of them simply gave up their votes because they can’t vote for either of the party. Whatever the case, it seems like it’s not a dream and we might have a roller coaster 4 years to go for the whole world.

As unpredicted as it can be, he’s like a timebomb, a mad man that will turn crazy anytime and do something non-sensical. At least, that is what he portrayed of himself to the world. I hope I am wrong, I hope he can prove us wrong, and show us that he can really MAGA (Make America Great Again). But otherwise, the other country will be quietly creeping up from the back to take over the world, which it is already doing so.

The world of politics. Never my kind of life but then I’ve got children who will have to go through bad decisions by some people at the top shall there people who are randomly picked for it.

Looks like we can only pray for the better for now.

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Ramblings – From Halloween to Christmas

5.47am – Cries and more cries. What on earth is happening? As much as I tried to pretend that I’m still dreaming, I could not. The cries are getting louder and it’s way too long. So I woke up and found my sis trying to calm him down while my dad makes the milk. I carried him over and calms him down. He stops crying almost immediately, a sign that he’s only thowing tantrums. I distracted him with songs till my dad finished making the milk. He drank and went back to sleep. Apparently he woke up an hour plus ago and refused to sleep. I really am very thankful that I’ve got my parents to help. Otherwise I think I will be more than a panda everyday.

7.14am – 2k more xp to level up to 28! Takes such a long time to level up nowadays…

7.31am – Oops. Forgotten that the kid has no school today. If only it wasn’t the month end, I might just take MC. Cough’s coming back again or should I say, it never actually left.

7.38am – Darn. Forgot to bring my organizer. What did I plan to do today?

7.51am – Level 28!

8.45am – Back at work. Last day of October. 2 more months to go. What should I do with it? There’s so many things that I want to do!

10.33am – Less than an hour before the Halloween event is over for Pokemon GO. Should I try and up my level? But I’m so tired…

10.52am – Rammaging through the photos in my phone. Ah… my mum’s going to nag on me for not developing the photos yet again. Am so tempted to buy that photo printer.


Here’s the lil’ hub eating the Snorlax instant noodle that we created in Japan with tomato chilli powder, kimchi, prawn, crab meat and can’t remember what’s the last one. Not too bad. Missed my holiday. I wonder when we will go back again… but at least I went before, finally.


Here’s my little milo who is growing up fast! Getting so naughty. Will try and spend more time with him. It’s so difficult to divide the time between so many parties.

1.41pm – Suddenly I recalled what happened last Friday when I was teleworking from home. Messaged my RO (who is only one grade above me) on some non-related work and then suddenly she said that hopefully our boss won’t asked where I am because teleworking needs to be approved by the MIC, and she is not my MIC. I was stunned (like vegetable), of course. My first reaction was ‘What the hell’. Why did you say ‘if you want to work from home then go on, I am ok’ when you are not the one approving. It is so bloody misleading!

Thankfully she didn’t ask and we managed to ‘cover up’ because she was late and wasn’t in the office. It was a close call. But because of this, I felt like I need to watch for my back. It’s like, last week she asked if I want to start the exercise, I told her I’m alright, just let me know what to do but now she’s doing it everything on her own again. Then how and when will she ever handover her stuff to me? Unless she don’t want to?

She seems harmless but well… I hope she is really harmless… anyway, I better try and buck up on my side and be more pro-active.

Took my lunch and ran some errands. Cleared my NTUC points and emailed to cancel it. Redeemed my IKEA points too. Then went to get a bottle of QV cream. Am so lazy for the past year but now my skin, teeth and hair are suffering. Sigh… if only maintaining all these can be easily done or at least scheduled with a press of a button. Then someone or something will guide you through it…

2.04pm – Watched one movie also so headache. Want to accompany your mum. Want to spend time with kids. See lah, it’s so difficult to spend couple time together because of one reason, we are not staying together. But whatever, I am done discussing with you on that lest we end up arguing AGAIN. I will just skip this movie or alternatively, go and watch on my own.

3.16pm – I just waited for 30 minutes on the phone, trying to talk to the customer service personel from OCBC. Goodness! Now I remembered why I didn’t really want to have any relation with this bank! And that NTUC lady isn’t that friendly in the email. Something’s so wrong with our customer service people.

3.27pm – Why are you so irritated today? Because I didn’t bring my organizer, and I accidentally spilled the soya sauce, then the lil’ hub couldn’t decide on watching the movie, and I waited half an hour for OCBC lousy customer service. Now I’m hungry ‘cos I’m trying to diet and thus didn’t finish up my rice but yet I’m not supposed to snack. I’m sleepy die to the disturbed sleep and now I am extremely grouchy!

4.50pm – Oh yes. Almost forgotten. The MIL had decided to go back to her house during that ‘homeless’ period. Actually more or less expected. Who would want to stay in other people’s flat when you’ve got your own. It will be at least from 3 to 6 months. Sigh… which means I can’t bake too.

4.59pm – Oh yes! Did I mention that I finally hatched a Lapras?! Yup, I did! And the 10k egg came from Kyoto, at a small fountain. I was telling the lil’ hub that it will be a Lapras because there are water (though it’s really small) and who knows it really is! Got a dratini and scyther as well from the other 2 eggs that I got it elsewhere. Am hatching another one now at 9.5km. Hopefully I will get another Lapras! *Lol* Maybe I should start walking now.


5.51pm – Stop tempting me. I am not going to eat you even though I am hungry. (Apparently eating half a bowl of rice can’t last me till the end of a work day)


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