Second Day of the Last Month

Had intended to write this post yesterday but simply couldn’t find the time to. Now, after making a short fuss about not being able to have any me-time at all to unpack and do my stuff, they finally ‘released’ me from the Monopoly game. I mean, yes, it’s indeed fun to play the game but when there are still tons of things to do (writing this post included), can I afford to?

I came back today after spending most of the week at my parents’ house this week as little milo was sick, and over there seems like a much better place to ‘heal’. My first thought was, I need to come back more often for things changed when I’m not around. Continue reading “Second Day of the Last Month”

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Understanding Myself All Over

One week. I spent the past one week reading up stuffs, stoning and trying to understand myself again. I’m probably having some kind of crisis, midlife crisis most likely. At 37, with the year ending in another few months, I am still at where I am at the start of the year. No money, no achievements, still as fat or probably fatter due to lack of sleep and causes other health issues too, and even the lil’ hub hardly kisses or hugs me anymore.

I’m not balanced.

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Thoughts – The Minimalist Way of Living 2017

You know how some people can simply sit in an extremely noisy room and yet they couldn’t hear those noise? Not that they are deaf, they are just too focus to take note of their surroundings. I’m having one of my favorite happy food now at Harbourfront. Quality of the food today – SUCKS, but it’s okay so long I don’t have a stomachache later on.

It’s the 27th of December. In just another 5 more days and it will be a new year. Again, time flies. The time to make new year resolutions and reflect on current year has arrived!

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Ramblings – Something’s BREWIN’!

I’m keeping you in suspense but something’s definitely brewing and you better drink it while it’s hot when it’s ready!

Am so busy these days and so lack of sleep, but in a very happy way. It’s good to feel so motivated and to work with someone with this kind of drive, at least it pushes me on in a good way.

Definitely excited! Can’t wait for it to happen actually. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be fun!

Want more? Here’s a peek:


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Thoughts – Trapped in Your Shadow

For the first time in years, I felt a strong desire to break free of your clutches and fly. It’s been too long. Way too long. And because of you, I felt like a bird, trapped in a cage, unable to fly. I was always behind you, right under your shadow, following you wherever you go. But why should I? I can be better. In fact, a lot better! Every inch of it!

Today, I have finally decided and am determined to leave you, forever. Maybe i will visit you again, some day, but it won’t be for long.

I want to be in the sky. I want to breathe the fresh air. And most importantly, I want to be happy.

So long, you *beep*, for imprisoning me for so many years. I’m ready to fly!


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Ramblings – 3 Hours of Light Sleep

8.06am – It’s already bad enough that your sleep ain’t enough. It gets worse when the sleep was light and bad. Darn. Today is Friday and I really thank God that it is. The partly self-created lack of sleep for these 2 days is going to drive me crazy.

Deadlines. Plans. Future.

Yes, it’s back again, planning for our future. Had a talk (again) with the lil’ hub on our plans in the future with regards to our career. Fruitful? I’m not too sure. He seems stuck as usual. I seriously am not sure what is holding him back. I know for myself, I procrastinate and thus the delay but otherwise my choice had been made since years ago.

Anyhow, shall use today for planning and catching up of some work. I’ve got tons of things to read.

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