Ramblings #0814

12.27am – February is going to end in a few more days. Gee… That’s 1/6 of a year gone and again, I hadn’t achieved much. Not for myself, not for little milkie (and neither is the lil’ hub). I really ought to get down to do and follow some serious planning. Or else, the lil’ hub will always kept on nagging and saying that I’m the same as him – only talk, no action.

And really, there ain’t a lot of things that I really need to do in my list of goals, other than my blog, my “business” and my baby. Nonetheless, I’ve been having issues executing them especially when I’m back at home. Little milkie will always hijack my nettie and that results in me unable to do anything at all. So, should I get another nettie? Or should I simply stay outside for a little while longer and get a dongle? That’s definitely something which I need to solve before I can manage my time better.

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