It’s not really that bad. It’s not really that bad. Well, it is bad. Ahh… I can’t wait to go back to my mum’s house. Gosh…

I had, actually intended to find a nice day, probably next week, sit down after my lunch or pump and slowly type out the days of my actually relatively nice and yet irritated confinement. But at this point, I just couldn’t endure anymore and had to shout it out. GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

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Ramblings #1082


9.23am – Back at the office, feeling drowsy. The brain definitely isn’t functioning. Both lunch kakis aren’t available so looks like I’ll have to search for my own later on. Well, that doesn’t really matter except that I only feel like sleeping and walking around with the load nowadays ain’t as easy as few months…
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Ramblings #1051


1.01am – Gosh! Did I doze off again while making little milkie sleep? Oops, missed call from the lil’ hub. 7.23am – Another day. Sleepy. What should I do today? My planning hasn’t completed fully yesterday. And I can’t find the receipt! 10.03am – Sleeping bugs attack!!!! 11.17am – This is from Yahoo News: Earn…
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