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9.37am – It’s a struggle for me. Should I or should I not? Had I still be in my old workplace, there wouldn’t be any second thoughts… I wonder how is it like other than the first day. Would it be less crowded? Will there still be nice books? It would only be a 45 min stay at most if I decided to go. Hmm…

2.20pm – In the end, I did go for it. Oops. 4th day of the book sale at Ang Mo Kio, Pansing Distribution building. So how was it? Well, I reached there about 10 minutes before 1pm and it wasn’t open yet. There was already a queue, like around 40 people in front of me, which wasn’t too bad. It opened at 1pm sharp and then we went in orderly. I headed straight to the cooking section whereas most of them went for the children’s and fiction corner. I was very happy that I managed to grab some books that I’ve wanted. Had I reached a little later, it would have been gone. Meaning? There wasn’t as many books as on the first day. Some sections were half the size as the first day. It took me quite a number of rounds to grab the books and fill the box.

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Shopping – SG Book Deals

Can you believe it?! It’s a box for $50! You can fill in as many books as you can so long as it can be ‘taped’ up relatively flatly!

It was the first time that I went for such event. Apparently it seems like a yearly one but I didn’t know about it until now. And so, I decided to apply for a half day off and try it out.

I was late, actually. It started at 1pm on the first day but I only managed to reach at around 1.45pm. I would say lots of good stuffs are probably already taken but nonetheless, I still managed to get a box of 25 books, which are generally those bigger hardcover books!!

The crowd was so overwhelming so much so that they have to stop people from coming in. Thus whoever that came a bit later had to queue up and wait outside. But thankfully for that, I was able to move a little bit more freely.

Some tips that I’ve learned. If you are coming by car, or someone is fetching you, good. At least you save the trouble of wondering how to carry it back because it really is quite heavy. The parking is terrible so preferably don’t park too near. They don’t allow cars in too (not sure if you went in early though). If you have a marketing trolley or carts, bring them. It’ll save you a real lot. I came from work and so I didn’t bring any but I was glad that I brought 2 reusable bags where I dumped my books in (and threw away the carton after that). Lastly, there’s no point carrying the box around. Find a corner, use an empty bag or what to cover the books in the box, and go shop around (if you are alone and there’s no one to help to look after for you)!!

Enjoy!! I am so tempted to go again! *LOL*

booksale-2016 25-books-in-a-box

Totally satisfied with my loot!!

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Shopping – Club 21 Bazaar 2014 @ F1 Pit Building

It’s here again! The annual Club 21 Bazaar sale! Ending this Sunday, on 26 October 2014!

I took half a day off to meet my sister who came early in the morning. Thanks to her, I managed to get 3 pairs of pretty shoes for little milkie. It started yesterday already, for their staffs, but today ain’t so bad. Morning will be a preview for Club 21 members, and after 1pm, it’s for Citibank credit card holders.


Crowds? Yes, as usual, there’s A LOT OF crowds. The lil’ hub had warned me times and again to be careful of my big tummy but honestly, there’s nothing to worry about because I’d personally seen a few preggy ladies like me, and some who seems to deliver soon (even bigger tummy)!

Anyhow, the items and prices seem to be slightly different this year. A few things that I’d noted is, firstly, jeans cost cheaper than last year. A pair of DKNY jeans that I got for the lil’ hub cost only $30! Secondly, there weren’t as many Calvin Klein dresses/jackets, though I did manage to get like 4 dresses. Lastly, the way they categorize the children’s clothes is a little irritating. 3 years old to 10 years old. GOODNESS! It would be so much better if they can have a smaller range! I had to dig through the clothes to find dresses and tops that can fit my little milkie. Thankfully and luckily, I managed to find 2 really cute cardigans!

All in all, I definitely still find this bazaar a good one as a lot of apparels sold outside with good quality aren’t any cheaper nowadays.

I’ll still go for the last day, to see if I can get some other items after they’d slashed their prices. Today, it’s more than what I’d expected, spending almost a thousand for the lil’ hub, little milkie and myself. And to note, it’s only the FIRST day. Though tired, I definitely enjoyed the shopping experience. *LOL*

*more photos coming soon…*

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Shopping – Club 21 Bazaar @ F1 Pit Building

After 3.5 hours, we are finally done! Yes, I guess that’s how crazy the Club 21 Bazaar is. From now till 27 October, opening at 10am, the yearly Club 21 Bazaar is now on and held at the F1 Pit Building. And there’s discount of certain brands of up to 85%. In case you have no idea what Club 21 is (like me), well, let’s just say it’s a multi-brand store that manages well known brands such as Armani, DKNY, Calvin Klein and lots more (some of which I’ve never even heard or seen before). And today, I guess after all the continuously bad and disappointing things, I manage to come for the preview of this bazaar!

Seriously, it’s an eye opener, even if I were to go back empty handed. The first thought that came into my mind, when I saw the freaking long queues (estimated 2.5 hours from somewhere near the entrance) with people carrying bags and bags of items, was… People are rich!


As the Chinese saying goes, it was “people mountain, people sea” (a lot of people), so much so that we had to squeeze our way through to the different sections of the 3 halls. And you can see people rummaging through the trays and shelves, as if its free.

By the time we were almost done and just waiting for our turn to make the payment, trays and shelves were almost empty, especially for the bags and accessories section. The prices were quite standard though, e.g. for tops, it goes in $30, $50, $80, $100 and beyond. And some of the shoes (which I didn’t really manage to take a look) were so worth it! Sigh.

I missed out quite a bit as I reached there a little late. But still, my total damages ended up at around $300. So here’s my loot:

  • 3 belts (2 CK & 1 Armani Exchange Kids)
  • 1 jacket (Armani Exchange), 1 shorts (Marc by Marc Jacobs), 1 top (Armani Exchange)
  • 1 sling bag (CK)


Honestly, what’s with all these branded stuffs? I have no idea but I’ll still be going down tomorrow because it’s SO FUN! Shopping is fun! *LOL*

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Ramblings #0707

10.25am – A heavy morning on heavy topics, with me starting off on an update with ah girl on my current status – the surrounded by “Managers” status back at home. Indeed, I am surrounded. My mum, the lil’ hub as well as little milkie. And the “Connector” me tries to make sure that everyone is satisfied and happy, and go their way instead of mine totally. But really, at times it simply gets too tiring and a little stressful for me.

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