Food – Poh Poh Roasted Chicken & Duck Rice @ Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre

I know what I wanted to eat today, and I know this stall existed because the stall that I ate that day was just beside it. So without much hesitation, I went ahead to get my usual orders – roasted chicken, breast meat with added egg.

Simple. Clear. And I think I said it quite loudly.

There were 2 persons standing there, chit-chatting. One uncle and one auntie. The uncle started preparing the tray and chilli, while the auntie went in to do something else. Very quickly, the food came.


But alas… it wasn’t roasted. They gave me the white chicken. Breast meat though. I took it nonetheless and hmm… it cost me around $3.70 or $3.80. Wasn’t really sure about the change that the uncle gave me.

Anyway, I took the food and… *shake head* The chilli wasn’t nice. It’s too sweet. The rice wasn’t fragrant enough and so is the chicken. Hmm… no good.

Which unit? #01-15. No no no… and after this, I’d decided! I shall try and try out all the stalls (as long as I eat one of the food that they sell) in this hawker centre! Just for fun.

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Food – Lao Song Fa Fishball Noodle @ Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre

I wasn’t sure what I want to eat, so it took me quite a while to look around to see what is available. It was a cold day with the rain stopping only a while ago, and with the fan blowing right at our seat, I decided to choose those food that are hot and soupy. And then the awards and posters, and what not caught my eyes.

I wondered… is it really that nice? If it is, as what those TV programs etc. had mentioned, then why isn’t there much queue? Lao Song Fa… (#01-14)

Anyhow, since I didn’t have anything in mind in particular that I wanted to eat, I decided to give it a try. The “Xiao Wan Mian”, where there’s a bowl of soup with all the balls and vegetables, and then another bowl of noodle put separately. $4 for that. Was a normal price for such.


And then, it was the time for the try-out. Hmm… I have no idea where is the attractive point. I did find something not to my liking though. The small bowl (as what the name means) of noodles is really a bit small. And that it was a little starchier. The sauce wasn’t exactly that nice too, I think that’s because some ketchup or sweet sauce was added, which makes it a little too sweet.

Original Botanical Garden Famous Fish Ball Noodle. What would make people consider this as nice? The soup and fishball was alright though. But it’s as normal as I can find. And then I wondered… are those TV shows for real? On all the nice food etc. or are they really paid, as what some rumours had said?

I… probably won’t eat it again.

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Food – Udders Ice Cream @ myVillage

I wasn’t able to sneak away from baby. She didn’t want to take my answer and insisted on tagging along. And so here we are, with my cousin and friend, at one of the Udders Ice Cream branch located at the first level of a corner of myVillage mall at Serangoon Garden.

Thankfully, it was quite a breezy night. And since there wasn’t any available seats inside, we had to take those seats outside the shop. It’s nice, to sit down and chill out like that. I wouldn’t have been able to do that with the unromantic lil’ hub, who probably will either complain about the expensive parking, or difficulty to find carpark lots. Nonetheless, he’s still my beloved and cute lil’ hub ^^

Anyway, back to the food. We didn’t order that much and I don’t know the price. But I doubt it’s going to be that cheap. The price should be comparable to that of Haagen Daaz and Ben & Jerry’s etc.


The ice cream? Definitely good. We ordered a waffle with “Awesomely Chocolate” and “Horlicks Balls” flavours. Cousin’s friend separately ordered a durian flavour ones (since I don’t eat durian). I personally am not a fan of Horlicks, so wasn’t really impressed with that flavour. But the waffle was good, especially when it first came out, hot and crispy.

Little milkie definitely enjoyed it too, for she kept on eating, and eating, and eating.

Nice way to chill out, when alcohol is out.

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Food – Rokeby Bistro Cafe @ Jln Riang

Earlier this morning as I was writing my blog, I was still thinking that it had been quite a while since I’d tried food at a new restaurant. Maybe my boss had somehow heard my wish, and so she brought us to this I-have-no-idea-where is it place, as she turned and turned into small roads in between landed houses somewhere in Serangoon (near to NEX). Jln Riang, that’s the road name where she stopped and parked her car. What’s over there? Nothing much other than landed houses but yet there’s a roll of shophouses. Honestly, I really wonder how people managed to find such nice locations.

Anyway, there were actually quite a number of small cafes/restaurants. We went to one at the corner, called Rokeby Bistro Cafe. And apparently by night, it will be a bar. It’s relatively quite small, but the ambience was rather nice.


There wasn’t much customers during the lunch time, so I guessed most people will probably come only at night to chill for such a place. We placed our orders and the food came shortly.



The portion of the food was quite alright. I won’t consider it as big portion though. There’s the luncheon cheese sticks which is the “in” thing right now. As for the menu, there wasn’t a wide list of selections, especially for the mains. And as most of it are steaks, it wasn’t really that cheap. For the fish and chips that I ordered, it cost around $16. The taste is okay except that they put a little too much salt for the fries and at certain areas, on the fish too.

Service was alright but since there’s only 2 groups of customers initially, I can’t say much if the crowd starts to get in. There’s also free flow of water (self-service) which I love it.

This place is quite good to chill out but provided you drive because it’s located right in the middle of landed housing with no public transport. And even if you DID drive, parking might be an issue as there’s limited lots available. I’m not sure how enthusiastic are those parking attendants over at that area but otherwise, it indeed is a nice place to relax, and away from the noisy shopping centres.

Can try it out.

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Food – Nandos @ NEX

I’m lucky today! For I get to have a nice FREE lunch and at the same time, try out a new branch of Nandos! So where am I today? I’m at NEX, and Nandos had taken over the place where Cafe Cartel used to be, at B1, located near to one of the MRT exit. It’s a tad sad that Cafe Cartel isn’t around anymore, but nonetheless, I’m glad that they replace with something that is nice too.

So here’s Nandos!


Everything’s still quite new for it’s open only for a month or so. The service’s also not too bad and best of all, it’s not crowded during lunch time! Maybe a lot of people didn’t realise its existence yet, despite all the posters around the shopping mall. Or maybe because it’s right at a corner and thus not in sight.


Anyhow, the chicken still tasted as yummy and juicy as ever. We took the Ramadan set which cost about $39.90, and it comes with 2 sets of 1/4 chicken, 4 side dishes, 2 small desserts and 2 glasses of soft drinks. For side dishes, we took the sweet potato mash, coleslaw, potato wedges and fino salad (if I am not wrong). Personally I like the first 3 but it would be even nicer if the amount is a little bit more.

The ambience is nice too. Quiet in a corner and away from the crowded shopping area. There’s even a view of one small man-made waterfall outside the restaurant!

Nice! Definitely nice and will go there again. Finally, one that is nearer to home! I LOVE NANDOS!

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Food – Bali Thai @ NEX

Last day of CNY, so it’s another get together with the colleagues! And the best of all, its to a restaurant that me and the lil’ hub had wanted to try for a long time! – Bali Thai, located at level 2 of NEX in Serangoon.


The ambience was nice and quiet. I like their lights especially, and there’s like 4-5 different designs around the restaurant.

We took the set course for 6 pax, which cost $188+++ and the quantity was WOW. I lost track of how many dishes there were in the menu, but if I’m not wrong, including the desserts, it’s like a 10 course dinner that includes a satay each, a salad, pineapple rice, chicken, vegetables, braised tofu, prawn (big), fried fish, tom yum soup and a dessert!



The taste was quite alright for most of the dish except for one – the drink (out of the set menu). I decided to try the lemongrass drink which all of them took and regretted the moment I took a sip. The taste was too way too strong, good if you like it. Nonetheless, I supposed my colleagues love that, especially my boss, who was the one who ordered it first.


The tom yum soup was a little bland though. I’m a fan of tom yum soup so I would say, it definitely wasn’t the best that I’d drank.

Still, I think I’ll still come back to try out the ala carte menu. Heehee…

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Food – Teppanyaki @ NEX Foodcourt


Woohoo! It’s teppanyaki time! Been wanting to try this one out since God knows when. And my colleague’s in a really good mood to drive us down for lunch!

I’m currently at the Level 4 foodcourt in NEX, at Serangoon. The teppanyaki stall is just located on the right hand side of it. It’s not really very big. Probably can just accommodate around 30-40 people.

The pricing was still alright. I took the fish fillet set, and it cost be around $11.50. Of course, I can’t compare to 15 years ago where it probably cost only $6.90 (missing those times). Anyway, there are quite a range of varieties to choose from too.

The taste was okay though my colleague commented that the branch at Tampines is far better. Why? Because they never turn on the fire or heat at every seats! So basically it’s teppanyaki food and that’s about it. It’s not hot after a while, not even warm. That’s the negative, negative part which I’m not sure if they always does that. If it is, then indeed is a big minus point.

Well, I still got what I wanted so am not missing out any part. *Happy*

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Food – Wang Cafe @ myVillage


It’s definitely some local food for me today, as every brain cells in my head told me so. And so here it is, mee siam from the Wang Cafe at the ulu myVillage located in Serangoon Garden.

Seriously, if you ain’t someone who stays near, I doubted you’ll know that such small shopping mall existed. It’s surrounded by landed properties with only a few buses that will come in, and there’s only 4 levels with a handful of shops and not much varieties. 

Well, luckily for me, there’s still this cafe that sells mee siam. But it doesn’t go the same for my admin. According to her, it’s too watery and tasteless. According to me, it’s still edible and cost $4.20 per plate. So who to believe?

Let’s just say if you like those thick sauce, and a little heavy tasting kind, just skip this whole cafe. I doubt it’s about this branch. The sauce is really quite watery where you can literally drink it as if it’s a soup. Otherwise, if you ain’t so picky, like me, there really is no harm satisfying that cravings of yours. Alternative, pick another choice from the menu! The half-boiled egg can’t be way too wrong.

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