Movie – Avengers: Endgame

That was the moment that I’ve been waiting since morning. To watch the final movie of this big franchise that I’ve followed since n-years ago. And now that the 3 hours had gone, excitement disappeared and is replaced by a sense of loss.

Is this really the end of the ‘game’?

Let’s recap. In the last movie, the Infinity War, Thanos snapped a finger and half of the Universes’ population disappeared.


The movie started with what was seen in part of the trailer, where is shows Hawkeye teaching his daughter to use the bow and arrow. That was before the ‘snap’. I supposed you know what happens next.

The movie then began really slowly, to show the part where Ironman recorded a message in his helmet with whatever power that was left. It was sad. There don’t seem to be any hope left but something unexpected happened. Was that the hope that everyone thinks it is?


Lost. Despair. Failure. They tried. They all tried but there is nothing that they can do. For a short while, I really thought that was the end though it’s definitely not possible because we are only 30 minutes into the movie! That was when one thing came after another, and there was not a moment where I felt that I can missed it to go for a toilet break!

I love this movie! Even though the pace was rather slow at the front part of the movie as it tries to build up the story, and to connect the pieces up. But at the end of it, it seems like there were some kind of closure for all the characters (I can’t think of any that doesn’t yet), especially the main ones. Tad sad though…

Anyway, great movie. Biggest takeaway? Back to the future is not real!!! Can you imagine that?!! *facepalm*


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Movie – Into the Storm

Storms. Hurricanes. Cyclones. Tornadoes. Typhoons. Twister. Do you know the difference?

Honestly, I can’t, especially with tornadoes, cyclones and hurricanes. A search on the google somehow gave me the impression that they are all the same, except where it started. It’s like, a different word use for different country.

Anyway, though I live in this sunny relatively free of natural disaster (for now) island, I have always loved to know and read on such events. Of course, not the number of deaths that accompanied it with, but how the phenomena came about. Nonetheless I’m glad that I don’t have to live with it nor experience it much (so far there’s only a quite bad typhoon and earthquake in Taiwan).

So here I am, eager to watch this movie and wondering if it would be any better than the old old movie “Twister”. But my expectation wasn’t as high as firstly, the cast aren’t as famous and secondly, the theater was relatively empty (only a quarter filled).

Anyway, since we are here, we can’t possibly walk out so let’s start. The movie started with a group of high school kids who were sitting in the car. And I have no idea why they were stopping in the middle of the road (probably because there was a heavy rain). Then somehow in the dark, the overhead power cables start to give off sparks as if something struck it. So a stupid kid (maybe a little tipsy) decided to go down and film it down or see it, and then after a while, they all realised that there’s actually a small tornado and so they tried to drive and flee but alas, it was too late. They got caught in the tornado and BOOM!

Then it shows the next day where there’s a group of storm chasers and the leader was complaining about how they didn’t manage to capture any of it thanks to the lady who is supposed to be an expert in predicting the location. And then subsequently on this kid having an argument with his dad who was a vice principal of a school, which will be holding a graduation ceremony. There’s also a group of “dare devils” who does stupid things.

Anyway, back to the storm chasers. The lady then decided to go to location A whereas the leader said location B, but in the end the tornado ended up at B. The leader was furious and started flaring at her. But suddenly, there was a heavy downpour of hail and they realised that the tornado is heading their way, and it’s going to be big. And so they went right beside it. But just as they were about to go into it, the tornado dissipated and in turn, went to the school! This was when the lady realised that this tornado ain’t the usual ones.

Hmm… are we really having more and more weirdly behaving storms in real? There was a scene where there’s 5 different tornadoes around the same area. Did that really happen or was it purely just imagination?

Overall, the movie was quite alright except for a few stupid scenes. If you are looking at the effects, they sure were quite good. Storyline was more or less expected. Don’t mind watching again on TV.

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Movie – Haywire

Erm… what can I say? As the name of the movie implies, it’s a haywire movie, literally. For almost the whole movie, I have absolutely not much idea what is it about except one girl who was injured, and while driving, she told her story to a guy who helped her knocked out or killed her colleague at the restaurant. And then the story just flip between the past and the present. Seriously, what’s up with all these movies? Is it that popular to switch back and forth? *recalling on Duplicity which I watched last night*

Anyway, Gina Carano starred as Mallory Kane, who is the main lead. So at the last, she was sitting in a cafe waiting for Aaron (starring Channing Tatum). But shortly after he reached and had a short conversation, he started attacking her. And after some help from the people nearby, she managed to knock him out (or kill him). I have no idea which is which for there wasn’t much being said before she fled the place with another guy whom help her earlier on. So they took his car and started driving. That’s where she began to “tell” her story to the guy. And apparently she was being set up…

So how’s the movie? Slooooooooow… I would say that there wasn’t much action. WORST of all, hardly much conversations! It’s like the director or producer tries to be artistic but it ended up sucky! *LOL*

Unless you are extremely bored with lots of free time on your hand, don’t bother watching it.

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Movie – Shark Zone

I should really stop watching such rubbish and low budget movie, and instead, grabbed some more beauty sleep while I can. Why does TCS want to spend money (not even a least bit) on these kind of movies every late night Saturday? Urgh.

It’s time for another scary, thriller, horror movie or whatever that is, on sharks. Glad at least, it’s not some giant or mutated sharks, and that’s why had also thought that it MIGHT be slightly better than those previously watched but…


Anyway, Shark Zone. Starring, I have no idea and don’t bother to check. There’s no pretty ladies or handsome guys. First started off narrating that there’s a sunken ship a long time ago, and then showing a group of around 6 people diving down to see if there’s any treasure. And then they got separated while deep in the ocean with the couple swimming towards the ship first. SUDDENLY, a shark came (and this scene was reused a few more times in the later part of the movie -.-”’) and then there were screams from the guy, followed by his necklace dropping down. Then seconds later, screams from the lady, and some blood in the sea. And then a shock face from the third guy slightly further away, followed by the scene of the shark coming (same as previous, literally just face of the shark), and then screams, and some body parts floating, and blood, and screams from the fourth guy, and then the fifth guy (old man), with him shouting to the son, “Swim! Swim!”

And so, there comes our main actor, the younger boy, who swam, with a tail following him behind, and of which doesn’t seem to swim faster than him. And then TADA! He caught hold of the rope dropped by the helicopter and got rescued.

The rest of the movie is 10 years later, showing the guy working there at the beach. And I really don’t bother to say the rest.

It’s really quite a dumb show, with repetitive scenes that doesn’t look real at all. It’s like individual scene taken by itself and poorly joined together. Imagine one scene showing the bums of a lady, and the next is screams and blood. That’s about it for all attacks. The peeps in that movie looks dumb too, fancy knowing that there’s a shark nearby and still never move at all.

Sigh… I probably should have opted for World Cup rather than this. Time wasted. Shall not bother to watch the movie at this timing next week.

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