Food – Rokeby Bistro Cafe @ Jln Riang

Earlier this morning as I was writing my blog, I was still thinking that it had been quite a while since I’d tried food at a new restaurant. Maybe my boss had somehow heard my wish, and so she brought us to this I-have-no-idea-where is it place, as she turned and turned into small roads in between landed houses somewhere in Serangoon (near to NEX). Jln Riang, that’s the road name where she stopped and parked her car. What’s over there? Nothing much other than landed houses but yet there’s a roll of shophouses. Honestly, I really wonder how people managed to find such nice locations.

Anyway, there were actually quite a number of small cafes/restaurants. We went to one at the corner, called Rokeby Bistro Cafe. And apparently by night, it will be a bar. It’s relatively quite small, but the ambience was rather nice.


There wasn’t much customers during the lunch time, so I guessed most people will probably come only at night to chill for such a place. We placed our orders and the food came shortly.



The portion of the food was quite alright. I won’t consider it as big portion though. There’s the luncheon cheese sticks which is the “in” thing right now. As for the menu, there wasn’t a wide list of selections, especially for the mains. And as most of it are steaks, it wasn’t really that cheap. For the fish and chips that I ordered, it cost around $16. The taste is okay except that they put a little too much salt for the fries and at certain areas, on the fish too.

Service was alright but since there’s only 2 groups of customers initially, I can’t say much if the crowd starts to get in. There’s also free flow of water (self-service) which I love it.

This place is quite good to chill out but provided you drive because it’s located right in the middle of landed housing with no public transport. And even if you DID drive, parking might be an issue as there’s limited lots available. I’m not sure how enthusiastic are those parking attendants over at that area but otherwise, it indeed is a nice place to relax, and away from the noisy shopping centres.

Can try it out.

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Food – Jerry’s BBQ & Grill @ Jalan Kayu

WHAT?! Fish & chips again?!! Can’t you eat something else? Erm… I’m afraid not. *LOL* I’m a sucker for the fried fish and the chips, and it’s the easiest thing to order and eat without much cutting or sucking the juice through the bones. *LOL*

It’s the birthday of a colleague and so we had decided to buy our lunch back. I gave them my order and 2 colleagues were off to get it at Jerry’s BBQ & Grill. I’d never been there though I did pass by it a few times when the lil’ hub drove along Jalan Kayu.


Anyway, the temperature of the food was still rather alright by the time they were back from buying every other things. I guess it’s because they used the aluminium foil that helps to keep the food warm.

The quantity was alright, with the usual fries replaced by wedges. Taste was quite alright too except that I wasn’t really liking the coleslaw as much for there’s onion inside. A little too much for me and thus I abandoned it after having 3/4 of it.

Would be nice if I can head down to the actual restaurant some day to try out other food. But so far, their takeaway is okay.

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Food – Moa New Zealand Bar & Grill @ Changi City Point

Thank goodness the chill out session wasn’t cancelled after all! And I definitely had quite a fun time sitting down, eating and drinking, and most importantly, relaxing.

This dinner was definitely more than what we had bargained for. We decided on the venue (as in Changi City Point) only because the driver’s wife is working around there, and thus she can join us after that. And when we reached, there were a few pub restaurants at level 1, which we couldn’t decide on. Finally picked this instead of the more crowded one because there was a small live band.

There’s quite a number of choices on the food as well as for the drinks selection. We ordered a set of samplers of beers as this restaurant has their own brewery. Well, I only like the original one (starting from the right most) which has a sweet and light honey taste. The second one was too bitter and dry for me. The third somewhat has a salty taste. One friend was commenting that it tastes soapy. Last one just didn’t leave much also ordered a bottle of white wine (named Cecilia) that came with half a dozen of oysters. And then 7 plates of food for the 4 of us.


Yummy? Yes. Definitely interesting for some of the food such as their sirloin cubes and luncheon fries! I’m not a steak fan but yet I find that relatively nice, other than the fact that it’s a little bloody. The luncheon fries was definitely interesting. And I thought it was some sort of potato and luncheon mixture. Who would have thought it’s really luncheon meat cut into slices and fried till crispy!

Overall, I quite like the ambience other than that there seems to be a few mozzies flying around, and that it would have been better if it’s a little bit more windy. The price was quite alright. A total of around $160, which includes a bottle of white wine (~$50), 1 set of 4 glasses of samplers (90ml), 3 glasses of beer, 6 plates of finger food and 1 pizza. It’s also not too bad for the fact that it’s located near to an MRT (Expo station).

Pretty sure that will be one of the choice for going back! ^^

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Food – Breeks @ City Square Mall

Oh my! Luckily we managed to finish our lunch within half an hour so that we can catch the other movie. Lunch today is at Breeks, located on the 3rd floor of City Square Mall.

There weren’t a lot of people during that slightly past lunch time hour. In fact, there’s only 2 person inside excluding the waitresses. It took us a while to decide if we really want to give it a try. But as there’s this 1-for-1 promotion during lunch time on weekday, we decided to just gamble it (plus we are lazy to search for other food).

There’s only 5 selections for the lunch offers and so I chose the Creole-styled Seabass while the lil’ hub selected the Grilled Beef Sirloin Steak on Hotplate. And what’s more, this offer comes with a soup of the day.


Anyway, the food came shortly and I would say the fish tasted really fresh. Other than the fact that there’s 3 bones inside, which I found it weird (normally for fillets, there won’t be any bones), it tasted nice. Not splendid but nice. Would be better if there’s some mash potatoes or tastier salads. *LOL*

Well, it was alright.

But the location seems a bit off. City square mall, with the Farrer Park station just beside. Other than this building, there’s nothing much around. And unless you are staying quite near, I doubt you will come here just for this food, when there’s other branches that seems more accessible.

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Food – Bliss Restaurant @ Chengsan CC

Looks like we weren’t in luck to get to eat over here during lunch time. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be back some day, just not sure when…

10 February 2015, 9.45pm

So here I am, finally back after pending it for soooooooooooo long. Well, I’ve been really REALLY busy with my life, work, and family, you know. Trying hard to strike a balance. And today, I only manage to come here because I hadn’t taken my dinner before going for a facial appointment with my sister just now.

Where is it? Bliss restaurant at Chengsan CC. The atmosphere, of course, can’t be compared with where it used to be (Punggol Park) where there’s peace and quiet, and there’s the view of the big pond. Now, every few minutes, there’s the sound of the train passing by, and the surrounding flats ain’t as pretty nor new.

BUT, the most important thing is, after so long, the price didn’t really increase! And the food still tasted as nice! ESPECIALLY the chicken wings that are so crispy! YUM! If only I can have a glass of icy cold beer and that would really make my day… *slurp* Ah… even the thought of that makes me happy. Anyway, that will happen only around a year later. So well, food for now is good enough.



We ordered some wings, sotong balls, escargot (which I don’t eat), fries and a waffle (with ice cream). Love it. Apparently they did some renovation to the restaurant and everything looks quite new. So now, it’s a turquoise kind of feeling everywhere.

Anyway, I’ll definitely be back. Though the parking can be a little troublesome (have to walk a distance), it’s still considered quite near to where I’m staying. Cheerios!

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Food – Hot Tomato @ NEX

Finally going to have our dinner! After walking from the top level searching for the food that the lil’ hub wants to eat, he finally decided on this Hot Tomato restaurant, which he mentioned that it’s cheap and nice, at the other branch at 313 @ Somerset.

But here we are today, at NEX @ Serangoon instead. Located at Basement 1 of NEX, it’s not especially noticeable. If I hadn’t saw the big poster that wrote “Opposite KFC”, I probably will skip trying to find it. Know the reason why? Because there’s simply too many restaurants and eateries at NEX! So much so that the rest of the bigger shops are taking all the attentions away! Furthermore, it’s located at a level where there’s quite a few fast food restaurants, that’s at least 2 units big.Hot Tomato… hmm… seems to be one one unit only.

Anyway, it’s not really that difficult to locate after knowing that it’s just across KFC, which is rather big and spacious. There was a short queue by the time we were there. It’s late but there’s still a queue. A problem that seems to arise rapidly in Singapore – almost anywhere you go, during peak hours on meal time, it’s difficult to get a seat, until late. Sometimes it really makes you wonder why…


So how’s the food? We both ordered their promotional set, with Aglio Olio. I’m not really a fan of that, and I prefer creamy pasta, but I would give a thumbs up for this! The one that I ate, with salmon, the salmon tasted just right and not fishy. And the sauce tasted a bit mango-ish, sweet in short, which seems to be a rather good combination.


As for the lil’ hub, his first medium cook steak wasn’t that good, think it’s full of veins and couldn’t chew it thus, he exchanged for another one. The waitress that served us was kind enough to exchange it without asking too much. Overall, the service was not bad for a restaurant with that pricing. Range? The whole meal cost less than $40 for the two of us.

Definitely can come and eat it though the varieties of food weren’t exactly that great, but I’m sure it’s enough if you are just looking for a normal western kind of meal.

Updates on 12 Nov 2013:
Came over to this restaurant again today for dinner. Decided to choose this over KFC as the crowd doesn’t seem as much. BUT, it really is somewhat disappointing as the waiting time is a bit long for that kind of crowd. We waited for around 20 minutes before the food came after the soup. And their minestrone was a tad salty.


Not only that, other customers’ food started coming before ours did! Why? It’s the way they “queue” to cook the orders. Same orders, cook first. So example if I’m having salmon, and just nice, there’s someone in front ordering the same thing, mine will be cooked at the same time, and I’ll get it earlier. There still wasn’t a great difference between mine and the lil’ hub (3 minutes) but I pity the couple beside us. The guy’s salad and pasta came at least 15 minutes earlier then his girlfriend’s. It’s definitely bad arrangement in the kitchen.

In conclusion, I’m condemning this restaurant, even though it’s not really that pricey. Anyway, the food ain’t really fantastic, and now with such service, it’s out of the list.

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