Getting Old…

It’s been a while, that I have the time to sit down, alone, with such overwhelmed thoughts.

I just had my eyes checked, to make a new pair of spectacles since my old one was still stuck behind the stacks of boxes and the other pair’s nose supports had both dropped. Brought my frame to the spectacle shop and they checked the degree of my eyes. 150 for both. Did I hear it wrongly? The last time that I checked two years back was probably still at 200!

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Ramblings – U.S. 11/9

I’m still in shock. I believe most of the world are in shock too, especially when you see that sea of RED.


It’s been hours and I still cannot believe what happened earlier on, the voting of the Americans. Donald Trump actually won and became the next America President.

Was it really the choice of the majority of the people there? Or are they only voting against Hillary? Or maybe, most of them simply gave up their votes because they can’t vote for either of the party. Whatever the case, it seems like it’s not a dream and we might have a roller coaster 4 years to go for the whole world.

As unpredicted as it can be, he’s like a timebomb, a mad man that will turn crazy anytime and do something non-sensical. At least, that is what he portrayed of himself to the world. I hope I am wrong, I hope he can prove us wrong, and show us that he can really MAGA (Make America Great Again). But otherwise, the other country will be quietly creeping up from the back to take over the world, which it is already doing so.

The world of politics. Never my kind of life but then I’ve got children who will have to go through bad decisions by some people at the top shall there people who are randomly picked for it.

Looks like we can only pray for the better for now.

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Ramblings #1258

7.45am – It was one of the weirdest dream that I had. Come to think of it, it seems to be linked to the blue ostrich dream that I had a few years ago, for the colours appeared to be similar. Nevertheless, the one that I had last night, is already weird by itself…

We (not sure how many of us) were seated at the back of the van which my sis drove. It feels so real. Chit chatting away as we are on our way out to somewhere but then I started to see some weird looking insects coming out from the metal bar area. Bright orange and green, was it spiders or just some 6-legged insects? I know there’s a small version of a frog hopping by, moving to the back of the van. Then more and more came out and I asked them to look. There were chaos in the van and then the scene jumped…

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Ramblings #1207

9.35am – Just as I was trying to think how to dress the lil’ hub up as an alien for the upcoming Halloween Party, I saw news about a mysterious orb above the sun. And then some glow along the Milky Way some time in May this year. I wondered, will I get to see aliens in this life? I am a believer of aliens, and of course other conspiracy theories of just about almost anything and everything, for after all, things are not that simple. Or maybe, it is very simple, but its just that humans always make it so complicated, in an attempt to, I’m not sure, hide what.

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Ramblings #1206

3.21pm – It’s late. Two and a half more hours and I’m off and on my way home. Today is the 28th of the month and that’s where I’m supposed to do some calculation on my finance. But why am I hesitating…? I know why… because I probably overspent way toooooo much. I know I ought to control more than a little now.

5.13pm – I haven’t been working for bulk of the day today. Partly I’ve been talking to people. From online to whatsapp and facebook, and then reading articles and news. It’s sad when I came across those news related to the burnings of the forest. Right, everyone is complaining about the recent haze that had been around for months. I pitied the people living there, who need to breathe in the polluted air. But all the more I pitied those animals who live in the forest, and whose homes are lost because of human’s actions.

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Ramblings #1190

7.25am – I’m early today. Refused to wake up at 3-ish, and dragged till 6am before I woke up, top half soaked with nutritious breast milk. BREAST LEAK! Right…

Anyway, it’s finally Tuesday. Well, it really does seems that long to me. I haven’t done much yesterday thanks to the form that I need to fill up. But it’s a good form. A form that I want to fill up, which means I have a chance to move to the next stage. Nonetheless, there is still this bit of dilemma within me. No idea? We shall wait and see. Shall not give myself too much hope for the fear of greater disappointment. So, let’s just wait and will update you when the time comes.

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Ramblings #1180

8.59am – Right, so today is the start of the first day of the Chinese 7th month. And what will that means other than all the *cough* coming out? It’s going to be a smoky month! Oh yes, I’m already experiencing it. And that is not really that good a thing.

Anyhow, finance had been tight. As in really tight. I’ve got a shock when I logged in to my bank account yesterday. It’s like less than $10. Well, I’ve got some GIRO deductions, you know and so… Hmm… though I didn’t really feel like touching my pathetic reserves, it looks like I don’t really have much of a choice.

My facial package will be ending soon too and I doubt I’ll be signing up for another one. If I ever do that, it’ll be another $100-$200 a month at least. How am I to fork out for that kind of money? But I’m glad I asked to let me go and think about it before I just did it on impulse (like I used to). Guess I’ll have to be more diligent back at home from now on when it comes to maintaining my face.

What’s worse? It doesn’t sound all that good when one hears what kind of news were reported. Sudden devalue of RMB? Interest on bank loan increasing? Increasing number of flats? Economy crisis coming? Sigh… Now I’m wondering if it’s a good time to actually buy that house… I hope we didn’t make a mistake by doing that…

Must try hard. Really hard to think of ways to earn more money now. I can’t survive if it’s just based on my current peanut salary. Ganbatte!

9.24am – Ah… it feels like ages since I’ve last written my blog while working. Feels soooooo goooood… I think I ought to change my career and become a writer. I might just become better and thus famous *LOL* Anyway, this blog is somewhat in a messy state yet again. I hope I’ve got the time to clean it up, I really do. Never like it when it’s like that. But I do know what kind of circumstances I am in nowadays. It’s those “you always go out”, “you never do anything” kind of statements coming out from my mum when it’s the first time I went out with my colleagues after working for almost 4 years, and am busy trying to do all the sidekicks’ jobs such as washing the bottles and plates, and helping to carry the baby to bathe, or accompanying little milkie to play. I guess that’s life. No one will commend you for not going out and stay at home to help to take care of the children. No one will take note if you are doing all the backend jobs. But if it’s otherwise, then all the sh*ts come out. Not that I want to be particular, but it’s true that I’m getting so tired these days…


Hang in there… things will get better after my breakfast! ^^


P/S: And I’m still sore about the fact that my job scope is going to increase but yet not promoting me or increasing my salary. TMD. That’s it’ I’m sending my resume! NOW!

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Ramblings #1080

3.25am – I’ve been waking up so often in the middle of the night of recent, until I’m really so freaking tired from it. Looks like little milo didn’t fail to train me from all the late nights that I’ll be experiencing soon.

7.41am – Smuggled and HIDDEN!! Nice! ^^

8.12am – It’s funny when you see her finished her milk and immediately K.O. back to sleep. Who wouldn’t, especially for a child, when she only had less than 8 hours to sleep. Hmm… think I’ll have to start tuning her sleeping time again. Sleeping after midnight is way too much.


8.54am – Another day of struggle with the crying koala bear that refuses to get off me. Sigh… is it due to the little brother that’s coming out soon? Or she simply just don’t like to go to school?

8.59am – And we both burst out laughing after my we realised that our dad meant ‘childcare’ when he pronounced it as ‘chao-geh’. *LOL*

10.37am – Spent the whole morning chatting with a friend on the Universe, world and little red dot again. Too heavy for a morning’s topic.

11.07am – The lil’ hub just called and said that the chat is over. Hmm… interesting job but I’m not too sure if he will like it. Nonetheless, if I am him. IF, in the event I didn’t get the other job, I will take this first and see how it goes. After all, unless there’s another vacancy for another job immediately, else, it’s definitely a good thing to have the income flowing first. And why not? To try out a new kind of job, which isn’t for hardselling, but instead, just to spread the word? ESPECIALLY if the salary is just as nice. *LOL* I’m pragmatic, yes, I know. But that’s life. I need to be, in order to live and survive in this realistic world. And honestly, I’m already not so realistic compared to a lot others.

11.36am – Gee… seems like I need to stop wearing my rings and a few watches. It’s getting a little tight…


12.14pm – It’s DONE! HUAT AH!!

3.46pm – As I held the summarised version of JY’s Astrology for 2015, I can’t help but try not to laugh when I came across one of their bazi – the one where she’s lusting for someone, and vice versa. Could it be that coincident? I think she must be panicking inside. *LOL*

4.35pm – And it seems like, just moments before the start of a new year, there’s yet another plane crash in Taiwan. How tragic… to end the 2014. And it’s really like half an hour or so, before the start of a new year. This year, it’s going to be the year of the Wood. I wonder what’s going to happen to the agriculture, or palm oil, or fashion, or furniture industry (or any of those of that element). I just hope that there won’t be loss of lives, like 2014.

5.16pm – I wondered… will I help my children to check all enquiries in future? Or will I give them the directions, and get them to check on their own? Hmm… I might do the latter… After all, I (or the lil’ hub) should be the escalation point. Which means that the child should try and solve it on his/her own ability first before attempting to get us to help. Right? Anyway… that’s just me.

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