Teachers’ Day!

I forgotten totally about it! Its Teachers’ Day!! Woke up and then played MU Online for a while. Don’t know but kept having a feeling that my mum wants me to get married… But… Hmm… Its still quite early right? I mean… Financially, I’m not stable, neither is WZ. And some more he’s still studying. Won’t be finishing till 3 years later, thats like 2010, and I’m already 30 years old. Moreover… he needs to take care of the mum. How about the house? I really don’t wish to stay together. Went Woodlands to meet him for lunch and went to the library. After that went to his house. Canceled the appointment with CT because the schedule was too tight. FK having some problem and WZ spent half an hour talking to her… Yes, I don’t feel good… But what can I do right? Sigh… Some more he liked her before. %)#@^!#) Finally went out for dinner with RL and LC at Commonwealth before proceeding to PS to watch 1408. It was scary!!! (According to my standard). I had gastric though… Bad… Went for some chatting at HK cafe at East Coast Road. Went to stay overnight at WZ’s place after that.

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