Terrible Me

I think I really cannot make it… Why? Why do I like to pack myself with so many things but yet I will hardly do any? I’ve got a lot of things to do now but I’m not doing. Is it because of my poor planning? Priorities… Hmm… And my room is in a mess AGAIN. I can’t seem to get things flowing properly. Room messy. Getting fatter. Looked more haggard. Work suck. Outside work suck too. Own hobbies TOO. Finance messed up. What more?

Plan, plan, plan… I need to plan… Else I’ll messed up again. Plan… Boon Keat just messaged a list of people. He’s going to ROM soon and will be inviting a whole load of us. This year a few people will be getting married. HS, BK and Gene. PLAN! Please do something!

Just had lunch with BK they all at the Hunan Restaurant in Geylang. Now… I felt like vomiting… Almost 3pm and I hadn’t done anything yet.

Finally went jogging with WZ! Its a good start! I must go on a diet! And exercise!

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