I think we both are addicted to love… Just the two of us. Its quite nice… And he really took care of me. We went for the theme park, then wild wild wet (which was more fun). And stupidly took a long route to go there ‘cos we didn’t know there’s a short-cut *faintz*. Then we took a nap and waited for them to come. Jen came first, and brought her duck. Then came Ken’s group… And we waited… and waited for Leon… He was soooooo late and we couldn’t start the fire ‘cos the charcoal was with him. By the time he came, some of us knew the reason. RL did something funny… Alright, the whole BBQ was quite fun. Been quite a while since I’ve had a chalet. But at the same time, I do feel old. They bought a bag from Zara for him. The cheesecake was nice (they had decorations on it). They left around 2am+ (I guess) ‘cos by that time, I’m already K.O.

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