The Day I (Could Have)

6 December 2008. RN’s birthday. CC’s wedding. The day I (could have) gotten married… if not for the break-up about 2 years ago. Why I chose this date? Because it’s a good day and it’s a Saturday. What’s more? It’s RN’s birthday. What was I thinking back then? I don’t really know… But that was all in the past. Today is not my day. It is CC’s…

This morning, I woke up at 3.30am, to continuing preparing the food for the groom and his brothers. I only had 2 hours of sleep so… I don’t really know how I prepared it. But well, I managed to finish and fully dressed by 5.30am where I left for CC’s house. Zhu Zhu sent me there. And then, it was a day of fun and laughter, especially with CT and AB (and sleep after I reached home).

Guess who I saw at night? QQ & Jon! Both are my pals back in Uni. But QQ had to leave early. Sigh… CC got married, next one will be Yee…

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