The Day Without Zhu Zhu

Darling went to HK this morning. Suddenly I felt so lost… Like not sure what to do… Totally don’t have the energy to do anything at all. Why is this so? Meeting my cousin KL today. Insurance? I think I lack of money to even sustain myself currently already. But well, let’s just meet up first and see how. Money, money, money. Everything needs money. Later going to buy mum’s present. Needs money again. Jeff’s wedding next month. Needs money again. And I think I need to pay for my braces soon. Needs money again. Why? And I miss my zhu zhu…

I really feel so lost… Like suddenly I’m left with nothing. My mind is in a total blank. I can’t think. Not a little bit. Not at all…

So sleepy… Wished I can sleep now. Just came back from lunch at Vivo. Bought my mum’s present, a pair of diamonds earrings that cost $299 (U.P. $598). Not too bad, quite worth it. Before lunch, spent an hour plus talking to EZ. Apparently she also feels very tired and not recognized the company. What are we suppose to do? I’ve got totally no mood to do my work. Plus, I don’t really know how to do. Asked YF but he’s busy right now. So how? I’m not too sure. I just felt like sleeping… *Eyes closing…* And I miss my zhu zhu…

CO got her PM title!! So GOOD! Happy for her! But I look at myself… What am I doing? Am I able to earn the amount I’m earning now, outside of this company? I like the money but I need a change of job scope. DESPERATELY. And someone just called me “Babe” =.=”’

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