The JLPT 3

I’m having a test today! JLPT 3. *Frantically flipping my notes*

Oh… Exams is over! Hmm… How do I feel? GREAT! Its as if some BIG load had been taken off me! But its quite amazing to see some kids, about the age of 6, being at the same level as me. Makes me wonder… who’s level am I studying. Then there were these group of people who were really noisy. Talk and talk and talk! But anyway, the exams is over. I don’t really care whether I passed or not because most likely, I won’t pass. I stopped for almost one year, do you think ONE day of revision will let me pass the test? Nah…

Dad came to pick me up along with the rest. We went to Changi Village for dinner at an extremely ulu restaurant at a corner because the market was too smoky. After that we went to the park across the beach for a walk. The wind was really nice but… I don’t think I’ll want to go to that place. Seems so scary at night. We went to Liang Court after that. Godma wanted to go to the Audio House. Its then, then I realized that Kinokuniya is OPEN! A few weeks ago, WZ and I went there but I thought its not open, so we ended up going to Chinatown BK to study. Anyway, after that we went to Coffee Club for some drinks. Its rather nice sitting and chatting away…

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