Thinking In The Toilet

You know… The best place to think is actually in the toilets. Ahh… I’ve got not enough sleep! 5 hours only! Yesterday was busy trying to solve the 3426. So after reaching home at 11.30pm, I started searching for the error. Luckily, while I was bathing and had intended to give up, I thought of something. Yes, that might just be the root of the cause but there seem to be no way that we can verify. I still don’t understand why it will become like that. Later… later will go and ask the experts. I’m so tired…

Friday the 13th… Just now I wait for the rest for lunch till I want to vomit blood. Why are they so slow? Its just a lunch! Why do they have to wait for this, and that, and THAT! Wait here, wait there, wait until an hour later still sitting there… If my gastric ever comes back… Sigh… That’s because I’m stupid enough to wait for them. Irritating…

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