Thinking Things Through

I’ve got 3 choices – (1) software engineer (team lead path), (2) business analyst, (3) seek job from outside. Let’s analyze…

(1) Not in my office, probably not anywhere else. I like to do programming but somehow its a bit too much at the moment. Though I really like it sometimes but at times I really wish I could stop it. If I continue, I don’t know how long before I can reach the team lead position. 7 months till next February? I doubt there will be promoting in this year. And will I be promoted at all? Or I really need to perform and do it well for the company website – remember what WT said? Its all a mystery… If I were to really continue, I can’t just do coding. I need to start thinking, analyze how things can be done to be more efficient, understand the business logic. The structure is changing soon, I don’t think I’ll be int he DB team, probably there won’t be any DB team anymore.

(2) I have no idea how this job is like but it seems rather fun. If I were to join here, it will be to get some experience before I decide to do anything. But doing this job, somehow it doesn’t seem as easy as it seems. Business people, as you know, ain’t that straight forward. Cunning. And looking at how June is like, till now, she doesn’t seem like she wants to talk to me regarding the job. Is that true? Or there’s some kind of conspiracy again? Dark…

(3) Everything will be new, I’ll start all over again. But will I be able to get what I want? Do I know what I want? The environment, people, I’m not too sure how it will be like. Salary, bonus? $3,600 with 3 months bonus? Same job scope? What kind of job am I looking for?

Alright, officially finished 3063. Going to be lunch soon. Should be going down to Body Wellness to pay up part of the money. Really kinda regretted in signing up for the package. But how? How to get rid of it? Now AR asking me to test something. Hmm… I really don’t really like testing this… Asking me to do this, then do that, then do THAT. C’mon! Gimme a break!!

So hot!! 2pm already. Just now went to pay part of the money for the package. Left $1,100 which I’ll only pay next month. Anyway, the lady, Brenda, mentioned that I’ll need to book early of the month if I want a confirm slot. So I think I’ll need to call… Or maybe asked my sister to call and help me book my appointment? *Stick out tongue* Zhu Zhu called me just now, so funny, kept asking me where I go, what I do. Cannot tell him! Tell him then no surprise already! 6 months anniversary at Bintan… *Giggles* And I don’t understand why this Blogger is ALL in JAPANESE LANGUAGE… =.=”’ Want me to go back and study Japanese Language also not like that what…

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