Thoughts – 12.12.12

9.35am – Good morning! Zao an! Ohayou! Bonjour! ~ These are the words that I use to greet my little milkie everyday in the morning. Today is the 12.12.12, a.k.a. 12 of December in 2012, and it’s going to be the last one where you get to have all the day-month-year to be the same digits (since 2001 – 01.01.01) till the next century. I am glad that I get to live through these 12 years of such days in my lifetime, though probably nothing fantastic happened on those days. *LOL*

Anyway, I’m dead tired today and I bet it’s not something new for the past months. Late for work again, as usual, and in the end got to ask my dad to send me to work… again… Damn, it’s getting worse. Take leave? It’s near to impossible with the packed activities, and not when I won’t get to see one of my team members and boss till next year. Who’s going to be in my team then? Me and my admin. *LOL*

Crap. And I’ve got to organize a bazaar tomorrow. And things are still not completely done! Sigh… Crap.

10.32am – I longed for the times where I can sit down in a cafe and read a book for hours without any disturbance. I could jolly well try and do that now by taking a day’s leave. But how could I? When my parents are back at home looking after the adorable little one. And how could I bear to not spend some time with her when I have it. Life… how contradicting can it gets…

11.17am – 30 more minutes and I’m out of here, for the next 2 hours. The mind is totally out of focus as it struggles to keep itself awake.

2.03pm – The whole sky is dark, and the rain pour down heavily. I stare at my monitor and the word appears in my head – “DARN”. Sometimes I wished I hadn’t been THAT responsible. Then I would happily just be on MC or leave, and won’t be in such state. Sigh… And my friend is not online today. How sad is that… with that friend not around, and so is the admin (on pm-leave), and my eyes hardly opened, plus that list… of… *silent scream* TO-DOs… SOMEBODY SAAAAAAVVVVEEEEEE MMMEEEEEEEEEEE…!!!!! *inner voice trailing off…*

3.05pm – TMD… Just got back into my seat after a discussion, and I received a meeting invitation for TODAY at 5pm to 6pm! Stupid idiot. Doesn’t he knows that he should give at least 1 week notice? Okay, fine. He don’t know. He’s an idiot. TMD.

3.21pm – My mood is totally RUINED. THANKS to that brainless idiot. I seriously wonder why he can go up to that level. TMD.

3.31pm – Though I’m ONLY spending less than half of my time doing his work, and a small percentage to talk to him, it’s already ENOUGH to drive me up the wall, with that brain of his! Where on earth did all these FBIs (F. Bloody Idiot) come from??!

4.02pm – That guy, will be an EXTREME IDIOT if he’s really available (as what his calendar says), and yet he’s putting the meeting at such a late timing.

11.40pm – The cool breeze swept across my face. I turned around and looked at the baby. She’s sleeping so peacefully. Of course… who wouldn’t, with such nice weather… It hadn’t been for quite a while where I could sit down quietly AT NIGHT, and then typing it out. The lil’ hub’s not around and won’t be coming over. Anyway, he won’t be back home so soon either. Ah…

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