Thoughts – A Transparent Doll

I’m a transparent doll.

You used to love me so much, cuddling and kissing me every day and night. Showering me with so much love and care. But now, that love is gone, and I’m left aside like the rest of them.

I’m a transparent doll.

I have a mouth and yet I can’t talk. I opened and no voice came out. But I supposed even if I can talk, it won’t be heard. You love the me without the voice, silently supporting you from a corner.

I’m a transparent doll.

Watching you walking pass me, but yet not looking at me at all, not even a bit. You never see me, because you can’t see me. All you does is looking at that screen, any screen.

I’m a transparent doll.

I have a pair of eyes that can’t cry. If tears flow down, it freaks you out and drives you nuts because a doll ain’t supposed to cry. Why not? I asked.

I’m a transparent doll.

ONE that can’t talk, nor cry… a pre-loved one…

Now I miss my Tomica, the one that is always there, and will always be there.

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