Thoughts – Be on the Alert

Everyone went into a frenzy mode around 45 minutes ago. I’m no different from them. What happened? Apparently, a Chinese and an Indian man  of 40’s had been lurking around the corridor at our level of late. And today, right after 15 minutes when my cousin got home, we realised that someone pee-d at the corridor. To note, it’s not at a corner, it’s in the middle of the corridor at the side, which if someone were to take a lift and pass by our level, they would be able to see that guy’s back.

It’s just part 9pm and everyone in that level is back at home, with lights on. Who, in the right mind, would want to pee there?

Singapore, is known for its safe environment. Where else can you go jogging at night without feeling safe and secure? Not a lot of place, at least, not that I know of. It’s good. That’s one of the reasons why I love Singapore. But nonetheless, as what the banner from our friendly neighbourhood police’s banner had state – “Low crime doesn’t mean no crime.” No matter what, we mustn’t be complacent and should always be on the alert, especially if we see something amiss.

But alas, the safe environment that we have, had caused our next generation to be (generally) unaware of the potential danger around. And from what I see, the repetitive ads on awareness and alertness to the surroundings probably doesn’t really help. Look at the people on the trains and buses, how many actually looked around (other than sleeping or looking at their phone – I admit, I’m guilty of that). And if there really is a suspicious package, will then report it to the securities?

I’m not sure. But if you were to ask me, I probably won’t because I don’t really want to look stupid, in case it’s just a misunderstanding. Would you?

Nonetheless, what I want to say is… Always be on your alert, be it while you are walking back home from the bus stop, on a train, or overseas. It’s never too much to be just on guard and be aware of your surroundings, especially if you are alone, and it’s late at night, PLUS if you are a small-size female (yes yes… tell me about it). 

Remember, low crime doesn’t mean no crime. You are in the open, and the criminals are always somewhere in the shadow…

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