Thoughts – Confidence of a Person

As I spoke to this friend of mine, I realized that she’s not the only one around me that often felt like this. Lack of confidence. A situation where, if not properly handled, might lead to quite a few areas of your life affected.

I, for one, am glad and thankful that I got the genes from my dad – I believe that I can do anything that I want to. As much as I’m neither extremely pretty, or with a very nice figure, or tall nor smart, I love myself (most important) and I love the way I am, who I am, and the way I do things.

No, I’m not over-confident. Just confident enough to tie me through my 31 years of life and probably more, rather smoothly.

So why is it so important to have confidence? Because it SHOWS and probably affects your work and relationship, which are generally the most important two. A glance at friends who are like that normally ended up single and probably doesn’t really excel in work. That doesn’t mean that they can’t do it, nor that there’s no exceptions. It’s just that, it’s a little bit more difficult, and that person themselves, have to put in more effort.

A lot of such people might not realized the kind of negative influence they might have on others. But to note, even if you don’t say it, the people around you can actually feel the negative energy (if any) around you. So tell me, who really wants to always hang around someone who is so negative and probably unknowingly grumbled a lot?

And is there any point in being aware but yet not changing anything, and instead, drowned yourself in your misery and hoping that some day, everything will just get better?

No, it won’t. And even if it did, it’s probably like one in a million. You want things to change and be better, you have to change. Remember that.

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