Thoughts – Grief Over the Child

It all seems like yesterday when he told me that his girlfriend was pregnant and he had decided to take the responsibility and married her. Shortly after, there came a cute little girl. Years gone by and I was rather shocked to hear and see from his FB account that some diseases had hit the girl and suddenly she simply became…

It had been another few years. She’s on life support, I think. She never wakes up but yet they brought her out every now and then… and then… yesterday, he posted that she had gone, gone to another place…

I can imagine how much pain he is in now for if I were to be in his position, I would be devastated. No parents would be able to endure this, not till they grow old. Not even when the baby is still in the mother’s womb…

For the child, I hope you have gone to a nicer place. Take care of yourself too ok?

I have not seen you but I can imagine how adorable you will be. I hope you are fine and had gone or eventually will go to a much better place than here. Don’t worry, you are not forgotten, and will not be. There will always be a place for you in my heart.

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