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Day 8

4.59am – Got woken up by little milkie’s hiccups. Luckily and hopefully she’s still asleep after hiccuping for so long… I haven’t gotten my sleep yet. Damn. Should have slept immediately after the last breastfeeding instead of looking at her photos. =.=”’

(Feeling crappy time)

Yes yes, I know… In the olden days, you all do this, and that, and that, and DON’T do all of THESE…

But hey! This is NOT the olden days anymore! So many things have changed!

Today is the first day that the lil’ hub wasn’t around. I’m not sure is it just me being a little too sensitive or that it really is true, but somehow, there seems to be quite a lot of difference in my mum’s attitude – I’ve got more restricted things coming up.

Maybe it really is true since without the lil’ hub, my mum is more comfortable and thus, returned back to her own “I am your mother, and you have to listen to me” natural self. Alas… bad…

This is almost like “The Rules of Confinement” Part 2. And it’s also the time where I realised that I made a wrong decision. Like what? I SHOULD have engaged a confinement lady instead of getting my parents to help. I’m serious.

Firstly, I don’t think I’m going to save much on the cost since the ang bao that I intend to give them won’t be that little. And the money for the food that I’m eating will also be paid by myself. The only reason why I previously wanted my parents to help was because I thought it’s easier since it’s your parents. And it’s so much more comfortable staying in your parents’ house compared to in your own, with your MIL and a stranger around. Isn’t it?

But I was wrong… very wrong. The idea of getting a confinement lady is definitely right. The idea of the MIL around only is still wrong. The idea of getting your parents to help is also wrong. So how? I’m not sure but I’ll leave it to the next time. For now, I can only try to manage the current situation – dealing with 2 old folks.

It’s bad. I really mean bad. The mum is always nagging, telling me all the DON’Ts, while the dad seems to get more blur as the days passed. And the dad can’t do much things for the fear that e.g. he might drop little milkie – he dozed off on the sofa while carrying her.

Tell me, how not to worry? But the mum ain’t able to cope with the crying baby and handling a blurry dad. And with all these, her stress level (apparently) increases, and so her mood becomes worse, and she gets irritated easily. With all that, her tone and attitude when talking to me gets worse too – being sarcastic and relatively harsh (to me) mainly.

Alas again. I can tell you I’m quite “emo” now. And by her giving me this kind of sh*t… I wonder how long I can take it…

Will be so good if there’s a confinement lady now who would possibly take away all the load since they are more experience. But then again, it all depends if one manage to find a good one. After all, confinement lady is still human.

Sigh… It’s only Day 8…

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