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We are finally coming to an end for today’s team building session. And am now debriefing on the things that we have learned today. Ask me, and I’ll tell you the ONE big thing that I learned is “Keep Quiet & Listen”. No, I’m not talking about myself. I’m one who probably listens more than I talk. But what I’d learned today is through the observation of a few person in my department, and that of course, includes none other than, my IDOL.

My nightmare for today started when the facilitators shown the groupings for today. Darn. I’m in the same team as my idol. I’m not sure if that’s lucky or unlucky but I know my ears definitely won’t have any peace. And indeed… when the first activity began, I almost wanted to strangle him. All he does is talk and talk. Honestly, if it’s a correct strategy, I wouldn’t be that irritated. But even at times when myself and another colleague telling him that it’s wrong, he insisted that he’s correct until finally *ding*, something struck him and he FINALLY got the idea. Subsequently after that, he continued to observe and comment to make sure that the rest of the people did it correctly, as if he IS still the leader. BUT everytime when it’s his time to move, he was either always slow or almost did it wrongly. *facepalm*

Never mind with this. The second activity came, and this time round, it’s the whole department of 40 people. And there he is, talking and talking, but all sounds a little nonsensical to me. There’s no sequence to what he said and he don’t bother to listen to what others want to say, until he made a mistake.


Even when playing the “Trust 4”, where he’s supposed to just fall backwards, he still had to direct this and that! *Bangs head against the wall* But he did make some blunder during this fall, which I accidentally recorded it down. Oops.

The last activity was the one that I enjoyed the most, for he left for personal reason. And suddenly, there seems to be peace and quiet in my team, and we get to talk, discuss and plan things out, instead of only hearing ONE view from ONE person. Why? Because we all take turns to listen to one another’s suggestion.

There really shouldn’t be too many leaders in a group, you know. And especially if you are not so competent. But of course, again, a lot of people will probably think that they are DAMN good, and not otherwise. “Kiang jiu ho, mai geh kiang” (In Hokkien, “It’s okay to be confident, but don’t be over-confident”.

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