Thoughts – Long Hiatus, Brewing

It’s a Sunday morning, with my parents out early in the morning. Dad had brought mum to perm her hair at a usual place. Sis had gone to the hospital to visit a friend who went for a 14 hour operation the day before. My lil’ hub and little milkie are both still sleeping like a log. Me? I’d decided to get out of the bed despite the tiredness and try to do something like I used to, blog.

It has been extremely difficult to concentrate, especially for the past month. With so many plans put on the shelves at the moment, I wonder when I’ll get those energy back to clear it up. Talking about energy, these energy had been short lived. Bursting for only at most 30 minutes and then dying subsequently after that. Even so, that 30 minutes wasn’t a full one. Without those energy, that pea brain of mind simply disperse on its own. Floating around aimlessly. Or maybe it does have one aim, that is, to sleep and sleep, and sleep. That’s almost the only thing I can think of. Going to work had been a dread too. I’m rather thankful that it’s the end of a financial year and thus a lot of plans had already been executed. Otherwise, it would have been drastic trying to work, although now it wasn’t much better where I’m trying hard to not fall asleep.

Life is still good nonetheless. Shall try and catch up with my blogs once I got that bit of energy. It had been a long hiatus, I know, but I needed it.

But now, the thing I needed most is food. Prata? Hmm… if you see a picture here later, it means I managed to drag my butt down. *LOL* Ohayou!


Looks like I managed to get my prata after all, but it was a long wait.
Had wanted to get more food but was fainting due to my empty starving stomach.
*LOL* Enjoy your Sunday!

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