Thoughts – The Languages of Love

Was chatting with my girlfriend that day and we happened to talk about the way we showed our love to those we love, and the way we want to receive it.

Maybe some of you had heard this before – the 5 languages of love, namely, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Act of Service, Physical Touch and Receiving Gifts. Any affection or love shown can be categorized into these 5 languages.

From the name itself, you’ll probably already have some idea on what it is but just let me give you a brief idea.

Quality Time – to spend time together with the one you love without any interruptions

Words of Affirmation – to hear words that demonstrate the love from your love one to you, e.g. “I love you”

Act of Service – having the person help you do something, e.g. wash dishes, vacuum the floor

Physical Touch – just being touchy, which includes hugs, kisses, holding hands etc.

Receiving Gifts – as the name implies, to receive something, but it’s the thought that matters, not the price

So what if you know the meaning of all these? Basically, whichever is your language of love, it means those are how you normally show your love (to the one you love), and hope that this is the way you receive it. Give you an example, if your language of love is “Quality Time”, you would probably hope that the other half will spend time with you, and you only. And if he/she were to do this, you’ll be damn happy and felt loved. Understand?

So now, which one is your language of love? Rank them in order of importance. It’s good, you know, to know which you belong to, and those of your partner. If it’s the same, then yes, things will probably be a lot easier. If it’s different, then probably more effort will need to be put in for both parties.

For me, it’s definitely in this order, never changed that since I’m young – Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Act of Service, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts. And especially when I get to receive the first 2, I’ll get SO recharged (for quite a long while)!

Sometimes, even if it’s just a small service (e.g. a little home-cooked breakfast), or probably just a nice long hug, will somehow just brighten up your day(s), isn’t it?

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