Thoughts – Wardrobe Woes

One would have thought that after giving birth, the problem of facing nothing to wear would be diminish soon. But you are wrong! I was wrong… The woe not only did not disappear, in fact, it seems to have worsen…

Almost every morning since I started to go back to wrok, I had to spend at least 10 minutes wondering what to wear. Today, it wasn’t any difference. It was definitely worse.

After finished washing up, this was what happened…

I decided to search for the pants that my mum mentioned last night. It’s located in my wardrobe. BUT ALAS! The playpen is somewhat blocking part of the door. Meaning, I won’t be able to open the door fully. Nonetheless, I decided to go ahead. But as I opened the door, a squeaking sound came out which startled the baby, who was sleeping in the playpen. Damn! Luckily, she went back to sleep shortly after but then, I decided to just grab whatever I could lay my hands on that’s easy to take. And so I did.

A relatively casual baggy pants. But then, what to match for the top? It doesn’t seem to be nice for a top too baggy too. And so, I went to my mum’s room (where some of my other clothes are kept), and took out a top which I thought I should be able to wear. BUT ALAS! I could see my 3-month-looking tummy still!

Frustrated, I took out the top and tried a slightly baggy silky top and EUK! The combination sucks due to the different materials and the bagginess! Will it be any different if the material was about the same? I tried another top and it failed badly.

That’s it. I can’t wear that bottom.

And so, I wore the last top that I tried and went searching for my tights in that pile of un-ironed clothes. Sigh… Sadly… I couldn’t find any…

In the end, I just grab an un-ironed pants and wore it to work… I’m LATE! Can’t expect much… Sigh…

When can I wear all my clothes again…?

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