Thursday, Rubbish Digger

Felt like shitting. Had a rather full breakfast this morning. The uncles all went for meetings now, so I’m alone with NL in the room. Heard that the 2 uncles will be going back either this or next week, which means I’ll be the one left alone. How? Hmm… Go shopping? *LOL*

Oh yes, did I say anything about HY yesterday? He went to visit Vivian downstairs and it cost $150. Vivian is a doctor. He got nose-bleed. Expensive…

Sometimes I felt like I’m a ‘digger’. I dug for information everyday. Information that had been lost a long time ago, buried under layers and layers, tons and tons of rubbish. Great… Rubbish writer cum rubbish diggger.

My shoes are peeling off…

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