Time For My Mum

Hmm… Today woke up, don’t know why but felt like I’m really so… cannot make it… Always leave mum alone at home while I go out and play. And what’s worse, most of the time, I’m at WZ’s place instead of my own. Else I’m out with him. Just looking at this week, Tuesday I went tennis with him, yesterday went out with him and Leon. Today will be going swimming with him. Then Friday currently nothing yet. Hmm… Maybe Friday I should go back home for dinner? I want to spend time with WZ but I also want to spend time with my mum… How? There’s always not enough time…

Spent half of the day tidying up the folders in my Office PC and my external HDD. Then after that tried to solve the production issues again but sadly… I still can’t simulate the problem out. Not even in Staging. Terrible. I’m running out of ideas. Its like solving the problems blindly. They “tell” you whats wrong but you only “heard” it and not “see” it… It’ll be so much easier if can see where it caused… Don’t understand… Later will be going for swimming with WZ. Hope that can make me relax for a while. Sigh… Tomorrow going home for dinner. *Tired*

Terrible… Cannot swim with WZ one… Kept making me laugh and laugh and laugh… =.=”’ Went to his house for dinner after that and tried to help him format his computer. But after backing up his data, it was already very late. Ended up dozing off and waking at midnight…

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