Tingling Feeling

My face seems rather “fragile” today after the crystal peel yesterday… And when I’m under the sun, there’s the tingling feeling, which is a little painful. Sigh… how to go lunch today? NN called yesterday to tell me that she won’t be able to make it for today’s appointment. So I’ll be handling it with Jon… Hmm… Honestly, I’m not very comfortable but I don’t think I’ve got much choices right?

So sleepy… NN confirmed won’t be going later on. Meeting at 7pm. Not sure of the venue yet. Sigh… Felt kind of… Haven’t start and she’s going off. And not even going for the meeting. Divide into half? I wonder if I’m the one who will do everything? If it’s really like that, and divide by half equally. Then probably it’ll be the last time that I want to do with her. Previously did so many times, all failed. And everytime spend money only. =.=”’ 3.30pm… *yawn*

Finally finish CM-357. The draft. Brain is dead now. Wonder how I can survive later… Hungry… and COLD… Hey! You know who won the Euro Fever 2008 in my company? It’s Mr TYF!

The meeting wasn’t too bad. Got some ideas on what they actually wanted. But now it’s time to churn out those things which… NN won’t be able to help. I just hope she can do something when she’s in Aussie and not delayed the whole thing. I just want to get it over and done with. One more month, if everything runs smoothly, then I can get $1,000! But… Sigh… I think I’m short of a lot of money… Don’t ask me why…

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