Walking Alone

I went for my dental appointment in the morning. One of the brackets dropped and so Dr Lien asked me to put the rubber bands on that side for the whole day, whereas on the other, will leave it on for 8 hours will do. Terrible. I hope I don’t mixed it up. I slowly walked to the MRT, took the train and went to Bedok. Bought a packet of fries and slowly went to look for the bus. It’s been a long long time since I’d walked alone, in my country. It felt nice, under the sun. Walking around in an environment which I’m not familiar with but yet felt so comfortable in. I can’t bear to leave this country for too long…

The bus came and I alighted at the factories. But then… I shouldn’t have come. It felt weird to go there alone, I really meant it. I went in, asked a stupid question, went to the toilet, considered for quite a while before I decided to leave. Well… there’s always the sale on the 1st January 2009, right?

My sister came to fetch me at Pasir Ris. She’s really nice, honestly. Other than the… don’t-really-know how to control her finance. Sigh… my one and only sister, my idol… I love her, you know? ^^ But hope she tells me at the start when she got problem, and not when everything is messed up. Oh well… Today is papa’s birthday. Bought a cake and some bread for celebration, a small one. We went to eat at a Japanese restaurant, something like Marche one at City Hall. Wasn’t too bad but I think I prefer Marche to this. After that we rushed to the Expo which was seriously a bad mistake (of mine) because me and Zhu Zhu is meeting K & F for movie at Bishan. In the end, my mum, Godma and sister went with us to Bishan while my Dad came to pick them up. Oops…

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