Watching "Hero"… Kimura-san…

I’m looking at the my office computer desktop. Both me and CT look really sweet! Today I tried to dress a bit 60’s. Just for fun. Will be meeting WZ later tonight to watch “Hero”! Yes! Its Kimura! But will have to arrange for my dad to come and fetch me slightly later. Probably at Vivocity, so that I don’t have to take bus back to WZ’s place. Whole morning, I was engaged in a discussion with IC, and then into a meeting, where I represented SK. Sigh… Things seems so messy recently. So many PMs… don’t know what are they for… And that NN… delay again and again and again. Think probably she’s on MC today. Sigh… Sometimes really worry for her health. Talking about health. Its been a bloody long time since I’ve exercised…

Oh… I am so irritated by the new service desk people… SO RUDE!… Nic they all are so much better… Sigh… 3.28pm… 3 more hours to go. Over the weekend, I need to study hard for my exams. But I’ve got 2 DVDs to watch! Spider Lilies (starring Rainie Yang) and Secret (starring Jay Chou).

Hero! Hero! Hero! Its so nice! I went to watch it with Zhu Zhu just now. Really so cute! And they finally kissed! The last part was really cute. There was a Korean guy who said something like “Don’t let her go” in Korean. Then the 2 of them had no idea what it was but I think Amamiya went to search for it. Because at the end, when they were at the usual pub, she said it out and was smiling. Kuryu had no idea what it was but who knows! There was an equipment which can translate different languages! And the owner of the pub showed it to Kuryu! And then sweetly, Kuryu said “I promise you that” in Spanish! SWEET!!! So romantic!! *LOL* But alright… me and Zhu Zhu also started off really sweetly and unexpectedly. That little se ah gua boy… ^^ My dad came to fetch us at Vivo after that.

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