what does MARRIAGE means?

MARRIAGE nowadays just means giving each other a chance to DIVORCE.
having breakfast half way and then suddenly heard someone yelling from next door. its my cousin, yelling at his wife. my auntie and uncle not at home today. they are not the first couple whom i had heard quarrelling till so bad. sigh… what is this?… what is marriage anyway… 2 person signed on that paper, 2 witnesses signed on that paper too. and then? are those vows valid? did the both of them think clearly before they signed on that paper? for the rest of their life? how do you know if you wanna spend the rest of your life with one person? especially when you haven’t “tried” it out yet. 相爱容易,相处难. did i get it correctly? ya… i suppose so… but its true. its easier to find someone you can love, than to find someone whom you can communicate, live together without much frictions, accept each other’s habits – good or bad, and lots more…

MARRIAGE… just attended Gina’s wedding yesterday and SooHeng’s 2 weeks ago.
think they’ll live happily ever after…
but for me.. kekek.. probably i don’t really trust it anymore…

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