Whole Day With Darling

Singing: “It’s so nice… to spend the whole day with my… Darling… Darling… DARLING!”

Hee hee… Today I very happy… Never do anything at all, just spend the whole day in Darling’s house with my beloved Darling! By right, we were suppose to go out to study, but in the end, after watching “The Heartbreak Kid”, we stayed at home and rot…

WZ argued with him mum over the toilets’ doors. The mum wanted to change the toilet doors, cost $280 each, for the bedroom and the kitchen one. But WZ thought that there’s no point in changing the bedroom’s one since nobody uses it or closes the door… Anyway, the mum called and checked if its possible to only change the kitchen one, and the person said yes, but it will cost $320! Sigh… So… They argued… Scary…

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