Why So Difficult?

At home. Later I’m going to see the doctor to get MC. Having headache still. I think, I think too much. Why is it so difficult to do something that you like? Sigh… I like the company. I like the industry. I like my job scope. I like my boss. BUT (there’s always a BIG BUT)… I don’t like to be station overseas for LONG TERM. JY said if I want to go TW to tour and enjoy, go ahead, else think carefully. NN told me to just change scope and find another job. How? Will staying in this company really affect my future? This is more of what I’m concern. But if that’s the case, isn’t it more serious at the start? I’m here for… 3.5 years, almost there already.

Whole body aching. NN not going to Australia yet. The date had been postponed AGAIN. Sigh… Apparently she said that there’s some problem with the contract. Any failure in the project could cause the whole company to be bankrupt, so they are still trying to resolve it.

Went to meet Darling. Waited for him for like 1.5 hours. Terrible. He went for the Maybank interview. So funny… Sigh… Actually he has his points (after hearing him present) but I think there’s really a big problem with his English. I’m serious. Pronounciation and presentation. Should ask him to go and take some English courses… British Council.

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