WZ Drive My Sis’s Car

My sister drove her boss’s car so WZ got to drove her car! We woke up rather late because of the late night gaming. Managed to reach home at about 2am. WZ slept an hour later. We lazed at home, didn’t want to waste the car, but didn’t want to go too far either, so we ended up at Compass Point. Ate KFC’s buddy meal for lunch… Tried to buy my Christmas present but failed… Oh well… What to do…

Mum called and we went to meet them for dinner. They were at Orchard. We went and parked the car at SP. WZ went to get the free parking tickets. We shopped for a while at OG and then we finally went for dinner. Had wanted to eat Yu Tou Lu at Kovan but my mum said that it was raining, so we ended up at HK Street at Kovan also. DW took my sister’s car. Well… WZ’s driving wasn’t too bad. There’s definitely some improvements. He taking MC on Monday, so he stayed over at my house. ^^ Nice nice nice…

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