YF On Compassionate Leave

Its Monday and there’s a new… YF’s mother-in-law passed away… Must be terrible for him and his wife… But well, at least the mum get to see the grandchild? Work started and its piled up. I’m still really tired but work is work… And I have to work… Must really start to save money…

Busy for the whole day, working on the Shell but I still went off on time. I skipped my JLPT course again. Was too tired to go for it. In the end, went tennis with WZ and Leon. Of course I never play, just sat there and plan my things, and watch the two of them “flying” around. I still find the way they played very amusing… My elf only at Level 158. Didn’t manage to catch the experience boost… 7 TIMES!!! And I missed it because of the team building… Sigh… If not I think I’ll be at Level 180 now… TMD…

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