Zhu Zhu Paints!

Woke up and left for Dr. Lien’s soon after. Were late for the appointment but luckily after that, I don’t need to wait too long. Then… one of them asked when I’m getting married… They don’t know yet but now they know…

Went back to WZ’s house and guess what I saw? He’s PAINTING!! I took a picture!! ^^ But it was a terrible mess… both him and his mother… so funny…

SK came to talk to me just now, rather urgently… I thought what had happened… She asked me if I want to consider taking a C# course… I looked at her, speechless… Ever since the day WT told me that its two different path and that I had to prepare myself and grab an opportunity if I have… I know I had to go. There’s no opportunity here. I can understand that SK was trying to help me get promoted. And I TOO can understand that, without improving my technical skills, I can’t get promoted to team lead over here. But WHO wants to become the team lead over here? Not me anymore… I had ONCE thought that I had to become a team lead before promoting to a project manager. But thats not what I know now… I don’t have to. Babyface? Yes, I know I have one. But I love the way I am… Who says babyface people can’t be firm? It’s just that I never bother to show much anyway… I will go… Promotion to me, in this company, doesn’t really matter anymore.

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