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Busy Eventful 1st Day of School

*Phew* It's 2.30pm and my brain is already almost dead.

Today is the first day of school and I've been so looking forward to it to have a new start. But I guess my last minute habit it inherited by little milkie. Packed the bag only yesterday and she realised that one of the files, according to her, is at the grandparents' house. We tried to convince her that it's okay to forget to bring items on the first day and she, though reluctantly, accepted it last night.

So they went to sleep at around 9pm. At around midnight, we realised that little milkie was still wide awake but thankfully she managed to sleep shortly after that. But who knows, at around 3.30pm, my MIL came in and asked if little milo was having a fever. So we woke up, gave the med to him, and then the lil'' hub reminded the MIL to inform us if little milo woke up so early instead of switching on the TV for him. We went back to sleep after that.

Morning came, and we were slightly late. Little milkie then insisted that she wanted to take the folder. Traffic was heavy but we proceed to the grandparents' house, to only realised that it is not the folder that she wanted. So she was late for school with no folder.

Brought little milo to the school and after only 15 minutes, he showed signs of wanting to go home. I was there and so he stayed. Asked him if he needed to go to the toilet and he said no. But alas, he pooped in his pants... so I changed and cleaned up for him before realising that the fever is back. That was it. I brought him back to grandparents' house, went down to buy medicine before I went out to do some business. Then went to fetch little milkie, and now am back home trying to figure out how to use this.

It's still a good day. The 2nd day of a new year...