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Let's Manifest 2020 Goals

When the luck isn't that good, don't do so much. But why am I still doing that much? Because you said that skills will overwrite luck. It might not be as easy, the road might be bumpy but I do not wish to wait any longer. So, let's just manifest these goals and let all of them come true...

It's a Monday morning and I'm at my work place with tons of things going through my head. I knew since last year, that there will be big change coming to be, especially on my career this year. I didn't really want to have that big a change but looks like it's inevitable now. And if that's the case, then I shall have to start the change.


I had a talk with my boss last week and I guessed it triggered a lot of thinking. One, it really isn't the job that I am looking for. Second, I understood the fact that I wasn't 'performing' at my job because I don't have the skills that they required. Job-misfit. I knew it and now it's time to go. HR, is not for me. LOL.

Oh well, it isn't all that bad. I just need to update my resume and start searching around. Meanwhile, to spend lesser and save up a bit. And then to focus on what I had wanted to do.

It's a good day today, so don't waste it. Know what you need to do, strategise a little and move on.