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Low Energy (Again?)

I'm rather amused, though I probably should not, when someone told me that my energy is low, again. If my old blog was here, which I am trying to shift over, you would know that 2 years ago, my director wanted to give me a bad rating. But then I was told that my old boss fought for me (though I think it was partly her fault) and my new boss who just took over, thought that I should be given another chance since she doesn't know me. I was really angry then because it was the first time that someone mentioned that I wasn't good at what I do. And so, I decided to stay and try it out.

Last year, all was fine. I did try to be a bit more vocal and did a lot more things. Nothing changed but I got a lower rating this year. My boss was shocked, and was told so was another colleague. They had never expected it. The reason, as I had mentioned earlier, my energy was low. Wow, and the most unexpected thing is, the senior director whom I hardly had any interaction with, other than the fact that he sits in front of me (in the room), agreed. *LOL*

That does it. I gave up. This has nothing to do with any facts. I've got good comments from other colleagues and I already know that I am not too bad. It's just that the Universe probably wanted me to end this journey, this phase in my life. Yes, and thank goodness for that, I was prepared.

The bazi reading that I've learned from Joey Yap had allow me to have insights and manage to plan for the future. So since last year, I've already told the lil' hub that I need to change something or it will change for me. And so for the past 2 months, I've been looking out, albeit slowly. Looks like now it's time to move in faster mode.

And the Universe never fails to keep giving you messages, for I asked about today, about 2 weeks ago, and I picked these cards:

Death + Three of Pentacles

It's an ending, definitely, but a positive one. A time to end this phase of my life that probably ain't that useful for me anymore. And that I shall open myself to opportunities (which I somehow felt great). It's as if I can feel the positive energy despite a slow market now.

What's more? It's time to implement what I have planned all these while. Create a comprehensive plan and follow a schedule. This is what I will do!