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On the 6th Day of CNY

I finally start work on the 6th day of CNY. Oh boy, what can I say about this year. It was definitely full of events.

I believe everyone knew what was going on globally for the past week, on the Wuhan virus. I'm thankful that at this point, it didn't really hit our country yet and I hope it stays that way. Am praying that globally elsewhere, it won't be as bad either. But looking at the trends of how the number of cases go especially in China, it doesn't seem to peak yet. The only better thing I can say is, that the mortality rate isn't as high, at least, based on whatever number that was shown to us though we've all seen and heard about other numbers reported elsewhere.

Masks had been sold out everywhere and that definitely made people panic. Would love it if they had use the ration method where each household or IC can only be allowed to get an x number or masks to avoid hoarding. A trip to the malls on the 2nd day made things a lot more scarier than we had thought, when anything to do with disinfecting, from masks, to handwash soap, sanitisers, dettol related stuff and even aloe vera + rubbing oil (to make DIY sanitiser, I believe) are gone. And it remains the same till today. Heard from friends that there were long queues to get those masks which were supposed to be replenished daily. But what time, when and where, I have no idea because it doesn't seem fixed.

Well, take care and stay safe, peeps, wherever you are.

Back at home, my 2 days rest were used for other things other than mine. Spent first 1st day talking and trying to find out what happened to my sis, which we eventually did. Sad case but I do understand her choice. And it's best for her (and the other parties) to just let her be on her own for now to clear her mind. So, hopefully, let's all just move on.

And just when I thought things are cleared, my MIL was sent to the hospital due to blockage of the colon. It happened and there is no way to escape this time... She's going for an operation today somewhere at noon. It will take about 3-4 hours. I will see if I am able to go off earlier. So let's hope everything go smoothly.

Shall not sigh. Shall not worry. Because everything will be fine.

Hang in there, peeps! Ganbatte!