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The Coronavirus & Human Nature

The sky was still dark. I fumbled for my phone as usual and opened the browser and refreshed the news page to get the updates. Great, it seems to be slowing down for both confirmed and suspected cases in China. Still high, but slowing down and that is good news. I hope it stays that way.

It's been a month since news of this virus, the Coronavirus or CoV, was announced. It wasn't taken seriously at that point in time, I'm pretty sure, especially when everyone seems to be still preparing for CNY. But just a few days before CNY came, things got worse. And everyday, the numbers increased horribly.

Then the news came that China will lock down Wuhan. I'm thankful but yet at the same time, a sense of sadness as the healthy people who are trapped there gave me the feeling that they will be left to die, like in all those apocalypse movie that I'd watched. But later on when I realised that the highway wasn't locked down until a few days later where 5 million people already left before a total lockdown, I can only give myself a facepalm. And an imaginary flight lines flew out from China to everywhere on the map of the world in my head.

Okay, it has started, I told myself but let's hope everything will be alright.

And so in the following days, masks went oos (out of stock), sanitizers, aloe vera gel, dettol, anti-bacterial handwashs went oos. I didn't manage to get any of these other than the handwashs, after when some supermarkets stocked it up. At the same time, things didn't seem to be getting better worldwide. In fact it got worse, until now.

So did I stock it up on food? Yes, but just a little, and about 2 weeks ago. Just in case I can't get my hands on it with then same repeated clear outs. And indeed, I was horrified when I saw the news everywhere on empty shelves when the DORSCON changed to orange today. I bought just enough to prepare for a typhoon but these peeps seemed to prepare for a month long war. But... we are still going to work, restaurants and hawkers will still be open, right?

Anyway, I just hope that no one will be affected especially those with babies and needed the milk powder. Heard a friend queued for 5 hours for the fear that he won't be able to get any. And lets hope the no. of cases will start to drop soon.